Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Mirror, mirror...

You'll remember from yesterday that I have been asked to try these gorgeous face creams courtesy of a friend.  Now I am not expecting any miracles.  I'm sensible enough to know that the days of looking twenty five are way behind me (around twenty eight years behind me to be precise) so what I am looking for is to be able to look in the mirror, and say each morning, 'Well love, you look the best you can'.

So yesterday morning I tried the Carrot and Mango Cleansing Butter...
It smelt delicious, and for a moment, I did ponder what it would be like on a lightly toasted bagel, but wisdom got the better of me, and I popped some on my raddled old mush and massaged it in.  Well I felt like a queen (a regal one, and not the Lily Savage kind).  Reluctantly wiping it off, it left my skin feeling really smooth (vastly different from the acid laden face wipes which strip several layers off my face each night - if I keep using these, I imagine that I'm going to resemble Skeletor in the not so distant future). 

Anyway, I am going to gradually build up with the products, so I can get a good feel of which ones I like best. This one is a winner though (literally - see the picture) and when my sample is finished, I will definitely be heading over to to buy some.  In fact, if you choose to do the same and quote Words from a Bird, you'll get 15% off. How great is that! 

But the husband struggles with me doing girly stuff like this.  As far as he is concerned, when I leave the house, I look exactly the same as when I woke up.  He lives in ignorance of the cheek buffing, chin plucking, pimple picking and facial disguising (make up) which I do every morning.  If he could see me squinting into my x10 mirror with a pair of tweezers poised for action, it would be a complete shock to him.  When he tells me that I am 'lovely as I am', what he actually means is that I am 'lovely when all the remedial work has been completed' when there is no chance of him getting a shaving rash should he head in for a cheeky smooch.

There is such pressure on us girls to look younger than we are.  You see all these celebrities with their smooth, emotion-free, empty faces, but surely it's better to have face which tells a story?

With my Rose Tree products, perhaps that story will have a happy ending...

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