Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Rabbit hole...

I am going to now say what all of you are thinking and are too afraid to say.  


If I was a wax crayon, I would have melted into a slimy blue puddle by now, but as it is, I am sticking to chairs, desks and worktops, carefully peeling my skin away from the tacky surfaces to avoid leaving a fresh layer of skin behind, leaking through every item of clothing I wear, and wincing every time someone pats me on the back where there is a small patch of sunburn.

The dogs have turned into ornamental rugs with the heat, refusing to walk anywhere, choosing instead to sprawl with all four legs stretched out.  This peaked yesterday evening when I brought their food over to them.  Percy couldn't even be bothered to stand to eat his, and just dropped his head into the bowl, where it stayed till it was all gone.  I could see Reg eyeing him up as he did this, probably wondering that if Percy died, how much food would still be in there.  I am having to walk them at 6.30am and 9.30pm, these being the only times when I can coax Percy out of the house.

Talking of walking, where I take the boys has got incredibly overgrown over the last few weeks, and there have been times when I've lost one of the dogs, or had to resort to using the compass on my phone to locate the position of the gate leading home.  The husband, listening to me griping about this, said that he would go round the paths with the strimmer, and generally make things easier for me on my walks.

Well I headed over there yesterday morning, and he had done a fantastic job. The once skinny paths were now wide avenues, and I walked towards the Rabbit Field admiring his handiwork.  Now he had warned me that when he had strimmed the Rabbit Field paths back, several large rabbit holes had been exposed and I should be careful when I went round for the first time.  

So suitably advised, I watched very carefully where I was going, until I chanced upon a particularly neat looking rabbit burrow.  Taking a closer look, I could see that some care had been taken to make the entrance to this burrow immaculate.  The grass had been cropped very shortly, but not by rabbit teeth looking at the shredded grass around the outside of the burrow.  It would appear that the husband had very carefully trimmed the long grass with his strimmer, making it look extremely smart.  I'm not too sure that the rabbits inside would have been too keen on him removing their one defence against a fox, but I expect the increased breeze would have been welcome last night.

I was extremely impressed with his dedication to the job in hand, and was wondering whether this skill might open other career opportunities for him.  I know that Mrs H (she with the miracle performing Beauty Salon) is always looking for therapists who are not too worried about doing the more 'personal' treatments.

It's either that, or a career in topiary...

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