Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Knee socks...

When I went to meet the other reprobates I have the misfortune to be related to on Saturday morning, I was earlier than usual, so decided that a bit of sock shopping was in order.  I had bought the husband some new ones earlier in the week, and comparing them to my sorry array of foot apparel made me realise that new ones were in order.  I'll be honest with you, I was still getting over the shock of his socks costing me £12 for three pairs, so my socks would need to be wisely chosen (posh words for 'cheap').

Marlow has but one department store and after a most successful rootle (this is my own special word for trawling through the rails and coming away with almost nothing), I found myself with two multi packs of socks.  They were in varied colours and covered in daisies, so very Spring-like.

As I passed them over to the lady on the till, she took one look at them, and said. 'They are three packs for the price of two, so go and get another pack'.  Now this was good news.  Nine pairs of socks for £12.00 - result.  

I headed down to meet Miss R and the rest of the gang for breakfast, and Miss R, spotting my bag, asked me what I'd bought.  Opening it up, I lifted one of the packs of socks out and stated the obvious.  'Socks.  I bought socks'.

There was silence, and then a sudden intake of breath, before she said in hushed tones, 'Oh, you wear patterned socks.  I only wear black ones'.  Then a pause. 'Why do you wear patterned socks?'

Well, I couldn't give her the real reason, which was they were the only three packs of the same sock design, because that makes me look weird, so I just said that I liked patterned socks because they cheer me up (like that didn't sound weird).

The thing is, my sister and I wear our socks very differently.  Mine are only ever worn when I am in jeans and walking boots, or with wellies, so the pattern isn't visible to the general public.  When I take my boots off, I quite like the cheery patterned toes, and I am especially fond of the pair which Mrs S from work gave me, which have a pair of schnauzers on them.  Miss R on the other hand wears her black socks to work I expect, and there is the small chance of a glimpse of sock as she sits down.  This is acceptable as long as she's not wearing a skirt I suppose...

But I am sure that there are pros and cons for having black or patterned socks.  I doubt Miss R ever has an odd sock as they all match, what with them being from the same shop (I'm guessing that this is the case, so I am primed for any corrections on this assumption). 

The good thing about having socks with daisy chains and schnauzers on, is none of the men in my family ever want to borrow them.  

And at £1.33 a pair, that's a good thing...

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