Saturday, 15 April 2017

In da club...

Well.  Booking a holiday is not all it's cracked up to be.  I spent a good two hours perusing the internet yesterday morning and finally settled on rather a glam spot in Ibiza (this was after walking the dogs, weeding the garden, doing two loads of washing and emptying all the bins - don't you just love a Bank Holiday..)  I was just about to press the 'Confirm my Booking' button, when son number one chanced upon me in my office.

Feeling very excited about the holiday, I said to him that I was ready to book it.  'Ibiza?' he asked.  'Are you sure?'  

Oh dear god...

The reason I had chosen Ibiza was because of the club scene.  I thought that the kids would love that, but it turned out that they are a load of boring old farts who would rather not spend fortunes on having a bop.  I don't know what they consider expensive, but the husband and I spend £6 each for our dancing each week - surely it can't be more than that?  Mmmm, turns out that strutting your stuff in Ibiza is a pricey business - £200 for a night out?  There's a lot more that I can do on a night out for £200, and it would probably include a Full English and a turned down bed.

So going back to Mr Sensible, I asked him if he would help, and facing each other in the lounge with laptops on standby, we started tapping out Tenerife, Crete, Corfu, Lanzarote, Cuba (too far), Croatia and anywhere else in Europe we could think of.  

Another four hours passed with no decision as to where we could go.  Son number one was heading out for dinner, so he reluctantly 'left me to it'.  

The husband wasn't being very helpful, insisting that he and I were still going to Wales for the week. Now much as I love Wales, I don't like having to wear all of my waterproof clothing for seven days on the trot.  If he thinks I've gone on this fitness/diet regime so that I can sport wellies and a balaclava for the week, then he is more disillusioned that I thought.

I did finally manage to book the holiday.  Son number one cost me nearly a whole day of my life, as the minute I heard his car go, I booked the hotel which I was going to book this morning.

So yes, we are going to Ibiza...and I can't wait...

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