Thursday, 20 April 2017

Any colour you like...

It dawned on me yesterday while I was eating my lunch, that it's only a few weeks before I head off to Italy with Miss R and the Mother.  I did have a four second panic about having to wear a bikini in public, but quickly gave myself a stiff talking to as my 'bikini body' although not quite ready, is well on its way to being of a size where a Demis Roussos kaftan is not obligatory to get from the sun-lounger to the pool.

So suitably reminded of the few days away, I thought it would be a good idea to get out my holiday suitcase and go through it to see what bits and pieces could be resurrected for Italy.  It's always a tiny bit exciting doing this, as you never really know what you're going to find.  I suppose that the summer months are so short, that you don't really get a chance to get used to them.  A couple of wearings of each item, then back in the suitcase they go.  

I eventually found my suitcase in the airing cupboard which has the misfortune to be attached to daughter number two's bedroom.  She has always felt that because of this, she is allowed to use it as a personal storage space.  This explains why my poor suitcase was hidden beneath a load of ski wear, all of her O'level books (they will be here forever) and a four foot cuddly fish which leaked polystyrene balls whenever I moved it.  But I eventually managed to haul the suitcase out, which by now looked like it had been in a blizzard (don't you just love static?)  I laid it on the bed, and reverently unzipped it.

Well.  It was like Christmas, albeit in Australia.  It was great to see all the bright colours having spent the winter months dressed in either widow's weeds or something resembling a compost heap, and I laid all of it out on the bed. There were a few things which I knew would fit, and these went straight down to the laundry for a quick wash. Another pile was more questionable, and I knew that some 'trying on' would be needed.  But it was the third pile which caused the most distress.

This was made of of about seven items of clothing which have never been worn.  They have lived in that suitcase for over five years, waiting for that moment when I'm thin enough/brave enough to wear them.  To date, this has never happened, but for some reason, I cling on to them in the hope that someday their moment will come.  I made the decision that they had to vacate the suitcase with immediate effect, so I bundled them up in a carrier bag, which I stuffed behind two large speakers which were also in my airing cupboard. (These are son number two's who will be getting a stiff talking to tomorrow).

Weirdly, there was another carrier bag stuffed down the back of the speakers, and I teased it out, wondering what was in it.  Inside were a woolen leopard print mini skirt, a pair of red skinny jeans, a maroon poncho and one black suede ankle boot.  And yes, none of these had been worn either.  I think that the boot had been worn, but who knows where the other one is.

Just one of life's mysteries...

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