Wrapped up...

Do you ever get those days when you wake up in a good mood?  This is what happened to me yesterday, which was a bit of a surprise considering the husband had been plying me with gin the night before.  The Red Lion is rapidly becoming our Friday night watering hole of choice, and as the weeks have passed, so has the necessity of a taxi to take us home again.  Give it a few more weeks, and the husband and I won't be bothering going home, preferring instead to snuggle up on a banquette for the week, an empty bottle of rhubarb gin hanging limply from my right hand.

So, I was in a good mood.  This lasted right the way through the morning's breakfast jaunt with the family, a dog walk with Mrs S, and then peaked when I realised that I wouldn't have to go to Tesco on Saturday afternoon as there was one delivery slot available for this morning.  Having done my weekly shop online (minimal as daughter number one has left home again, and I no longer need to buy odd stuff such as goat's cheese and aubergines) I suddenly found myself with nothing to do. 

Well ladies, I did what we all do when we find ourselves at a loose end.  I cleaned out the freezer.  As white goods go, this is the one I love least.  It was crammed with crap, none of which I ever seem to be able to either find or use.  I threw away enough food to feed a small country I'm ashamed to admit.  This is assuming of course that the inhabitants have a diet mainly made up of tortilla wraps.  I had white wraps, seeded wraps, gluten free wraps and corn wraps.  This is because I have two daughters who refuse to eat normal food, and I have to have something in the freezer that they like on the chance that they might tip up and want feeding.  As they've moved out now, I reckon I can get rid of all those space consuming carbs now and make room for my stuff, like frozen rhubarb gin, curly chips and a bag of peas. 

Having emptied both the kitchen freezer and the spare one in the garage, I stacked the newly discovered items of food neatly, and my thoughts turned back to the online shopping list I had just submitted over to Tesco.  Returning to the list, I removed the following from my order:

Tub of Parmesan Cheese (had ordered one, had two in the fridge)
Packs of Minced Beef (had ordered two, found five spread over two freezers)
Packs of Chicken Breasts (had ordered four, found six in the freezer, along with three packs of thighs)
Bacon (don't get me started, could give Danish a run for their money)

This reduced my shopping bill by around £20, so another reason to be happy.  And then the husband came home, having moved daughter number one into her first home of her own.  'What's for dinner?' he asked.  Silly man, he knows I don't cook on a Saturday (or a Friday, Sunday, Monday and Thursday and to be honest, Tuesday is now looking questionable). 

We ended up in McDonald's for dinner.  There is no better way to end a day than with a strawberry milkshake.

Well, unless a rhubarb gin is on offer...


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