Sunday, 15 January 2017

Cold wind blows...

You will be incredibly concerned to hear that I have succumbed to the common cold.  This is courtesy of the husband, who will insist on giving me a hug and a kiss every morning before leaving for work.  He had promised me that he was germ free after his 'I may not make it to the weekend' cold over Christmas, but it would seem that, as they used in say in the old Saturday Westerns, 'white man speak with forked tongue'.

So I am feeling very sorry for myself, and spent yesterday afternoon stretched out on the sofa with a Schnauzer blanket (this is a real Schnauzer, and not one of those odd looking fleecy things you can buy on the internet) watching a very odd American boxset with daughter number one, whilst multi tasking with a spot of internet shopping.  This is always guaranteed to make me feel a little better, and took my mind off the razor blades currently residing in my throat.

Of course I am blaming the husband, but there are a few others who I could point the finger at...

Master B, the young boy I work with at Binland, has been suffering for some time now.  As our office is the size of a small broom cupboard, it would be understandable if one of his rogue germs had headed over to my corner of the cupboard.

Mr W, the Voice of Reason in the Sales Office, has also been ill.  Ever thoughtful, he chose to open the broom cupboard window wide so that the fresh air would dilute his germs.  Now this is an epic failure on two accounts.  Firstly, wind always blows into the office rather than out, so any germs he may have had would have been blown directly over to me.  Secondly, the morning of the open window was so cold, that the sub zero temperatures could have brought on a chill, leading onto my current cold.

The chill may also have been brought on when I was traipsing around a large school site on Friday morning, looking into skips while it was snowing.  If I'd known that I was going to be outside so long, I may have worn something more appropriate, like a hat.  To be honest, it wasn't the cold which was worrying me, more the effect the wet snow would have on my hair.  That whole 'poker straight' to 'candy floss' look is never a good one, and I am sure that the customer glanced at my hair a couple of times wondering what the hell was going to happen next in the follicle area,

But whoever is responsible, they better give me a wide berth over the coming days. as I will be looking to pass it on to someone.

And we all know how generous I can be...

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