Monday, 19 December 2016

Time to say goodbye...

So yesterday was our last day in this beautiful city.  We were all a little jaded after Saturday night at Moskio Oko ( where we had drunk dubious vodka and eaten stunning food.  I had to hold Miss R back, as they had a live folk band there, giving it all they had with a violin, double bass and some very loud singing.  We all know what Miss R is like when alcohol and music are on offer simultaneously, and it's not often pretty.

The food was excellent, although Miss R and I had eaten goulash soup as a starter, and then considered it perfectly acceptable to eat steak (Miss R) and veal fillet (me).  The husband, always the more adventurous of us, had eaten black pudding as a starter (you know what they say about being able to take the man out of the North, don't you?) and had then gone onto wild boar (or roast pork as he insisted on calling it).  No puddings (at last, a sensible decision), but the husband insisted on treating all of us to a shot of honey vodka.  There was an ulterior motive behind his generosity as neither Miss R or I like honey, so he managed all three shots, before confessing that he didn't like honey either... Silly man.

So yesterday, we all looked a little haggard at breakfast, and decided that an element of four wheel travel might be preferable for our travels.  I'm not saying that we have walked a lot, but I am at least two inches shorter that I was on Thursday, so we booked a couple of hours on a stretch golf buggy with central heating (stay with me on this).  The warmth came from a hairdryer hose stuck onto a small heater - obviously health and safety isn't as important in Poland as it is at home.

We managed to bag a private tour with an English speaking tour guide, and we trundled around the older parts of Krakow, including the Jewish Quarter and the ghetto.  The Jewish Quarter which once was the home to 68,000 Jewish people, now contains a mere 200.  All that is left are the ghosts...

After our tour had finished, we headed off to E.Wedel, the most famous chocolatier in Poland, and had all of our senses attacked by the most amazing hot chocolates, pancakes and warm chocolate sauce. The waistband on my jeans, never the most forgiving of items after the abuse it regularly receives, finally gave up, and folded over into an attractive pleat.  Payback will be long and painful over the next few weeks I feel.

We then did a bit of last minute shopping.  I bought a really warm coat - half an hour before we headed back to the hotel (should really have bought this on Thursday, as I may still be in possession of all my fingers), and Miss R bought two Christmas baubles which she had been watching all week, waiting for the last minute to buy them in case the fragile glass broke.

Back at the hotel, we got our cases, and unpacked them, so that we could repack our purchases before we left for the airport.  Miss R gently placed her baubles in the centre of her case, and then quite delicately thrust her finger straight through one of them.

I suppose it was less to carry home, and anyway, I never liked the red one, as I helpfully told her...

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