One for the cutters...

Those of you who follow my blog will know that I have been participating in a programme on the menopause over the last few months.  This was basically because the lovely lady from the TV had read one of my blogs about hotties and palpitations (this wasn't about the husband by the way, whatever he claims) and thought that I would be a good participant.  Last night the programme was broadcast, and the husband and I settled down in front of the television to squirm at our personal life being put out there for all to see. 

As the programme progressed, it started to become obvious that we weren't going to appear in the programme.  Now the husband was greatly relieved, as he had said some things on film that perhaps he may have regretted later on, and I knew that television would add at least half a stone to my already 'Wide Load', so it wasn't all that bad really.  However, what they did do, is post up a short film of me testing the products and making my bed in four seconds.  It's incredible what you can do with a fast forward button..

But the programme was fab, and hopefully will make us talk more to our menfolk about what we girls have to go through. We need to lead the way ladies, and get rid of the taboo which surrounds something so natural.

Changing the subject completely, I walked the dogs again this afternoon at the same place as Wednesday.  I was mourning the fact that as most of my friends are back at work, there is a distinct lack of people to walk with. Just as I was feeling a bit sorry for myself, a large dog appeared on the path, taking his owner for a drag around the woods. 

Reg and the other dog proceeded to bolt around the woods, taking no notice of mud, water or bystanders, and the elderly gentleman said,

'Care to walk with me?'

Now as we all know, there has never been a murderer or psychopath with a dog, so I felt quite safe falling in next to him on the footpath. We chatted about a lot of stuff, and as befitting a Richardson (we can be very probing), this is what I gleaned from him....

Retired - this was good, as speed might not be an issue when walking
Had been a Tax Inspector - reminded myself not to start any conversation with 'Any advice on....?'
Rescued his dog - this made him a hero in my eyes
Loves photography - OK, interest starting to wain
Big fan of model railways - warning bells, especially as only half way round walk at this point
Big fan of model railway museums - this made the previous point interesting
Likes inlets - for a countryside dweller, I wonder if he comes across that many?

So we had a lovely walk, although as he peeled off the path to go home, I suddenly realised that at 4.15, the last two miles of my walk in the woods would be done in the dark.  I have never been so relieved to see my car, sitting alone in the car park like it had been abandoned at Beachy Head. 

But the best news of all yesterday, was that son number two's girlfriend, ELL, has now landed herself a cracker of a job.  So the two university non-starters have turned their lives around, and are ready to start on the next exciting chapters of their lives.

Just don't grow up too soon you two....


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