Wednesday, 2 November 2016

I love the sound of breaking glass...

It's always tough going back to work when you've had a day off, and yesterday was no different.  My new desk had disappeared from sight as it was covered with pink sheets of paper.  You'll remember that these constitute some of Master B and Master P's CBA pile, which they like to save up for me.  As I sat down, I noticed that someone had been sitting in my seat (I'll have to be careful that I don't go all Goldilocks on you here).  Raising it slightly I looked at Master B, Mr W and Mr B who were looking rather sheepish, glancing at each other as if egging the other two to say whatever it was they were wanting me to hear.  As I tidied my desk, sweeping the pink sheets into a manageable pile, it suddenly became apparent what they were all dreading to tell me.

On the back corner of my desk sat what remained of my mug.  When I joined Binland, I got all of us in the sales team special mugs, all rubbish related naturally, with mine reading 'Trashy Trace'.  This was rarely 'borrowed' for obvious reasons, but it was now in several pieces, with the words 'rash race' the only reminder of its former glory days.  Now I'd had this mug for a year and a half, and it took my day off for it to consigned to the bin (the non-recyclable one of course).  Looking back on this, I'm not too sure why the broken bits were left in a tidy pile on my desk - perhaps this is the office equivalent of leaving a dirty plate next to the dishwasher rather than inside it?  The mind of a man is one which never ceases to amaze and amuse...

Anyway, Master B, who eventually took a step forward in the obligatory 'Who Broke The Mug' line-up, has offered to replace my mug. This worried me all day, because he is going to do one of two things.  He's either going to replace it with one exactly the same (completely acceptable) or he's going to buy one which is middle-aged lady appropriate, ie bone china and covered in flowers. 

As I am more of a builder's mug kind of girl, I have thought about replacing the mug with one of the many I have at home.  Here are my choices:

Mug Number 1 : 'I woke up like this'
I could be done under the Trades Description Act for this, as I certainly have to undertake some major hair and face work before setting out for work. 

Mug Number 2 : 'One Wild Chick'
This would be fine, but on the other side of the mug it says 'Cheep Cheep' and one doesn't want to portray oneself as 'that kind of girl'

Mug Number 3 : 'Happy 21st Birthday Gaby'
Not my mug, not my birthday, not my age...

Mug Number 4 : Two dogs in Christmas sweaters
This is for seasonal home use only as Miss R bought it for me. God help me if that mug ever took a tumble...

So I am resorting to my final choice, until Master B replaces the broken one.

Mug Number 5 : 'I love my Schnauzer'

Lovely reader, make of this what you will...
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