Thursday, 1 September 2016

Follow you, follow me...

I got followed by a film star today....

Now before you start thinking that I am talking about some star of screen or stage tearing after me down the High Street, waving an autograph book under my nose, let me explain.

I have a Twitter account which I generally use to blatantly and shamelessly hawk my blog on.  When I first started doing this a few months ago, I started to see various people and organisations follow me.  For the Twitter virgins amongst you, this means that they get to read my daily twaddle as and when I tweet it.  If you're still unsure, it's a bit like throwing a free ad in the Exchange and Mart - making sense now?

So when I started, my followers were mainly dog loving folk, obviously enjoying the tales/tails of Percy and Reg as they attempted world domination in my house (actually this is still carrying on, with Percy taking more of a back seat as Reg struts round the lounge in jack boots and serge).

As time progressed, and I started tweeting more prolifically, virtual marketing agencies started to follow me, in the hope that I would part with copious amounts of money to further my market.  Fat chance as I am happy talking to thin air most of the time (except when you are with me of course, dear reader).  They are still carrying on following me, but I do tend to block them as there are only so many times I can see adverts for gold coins, self-published books (not such a bad idea) and dipped doughnut biscuits (hang on, quite like that one...)

So as time moved on, there came a day when I published 'All Fur Coat and no Knickers'... (  I can't even begin to tell you what kind of people this attracted.  Needless to say, there were several 'ladies' (possibly of the night) who I had to block, and a couple of men who I had to report for their suggestions (some of which I never even guessed were possible).  It appears that putting #NoKnickers is not the best idea for attracting decent folk to your blog website.

So my followers are now vary varied, with weirdness peaking with a kick boxer from Kazakhstan and a retired Irish jockey following me.  Goodness knows what I said to make them want more, perhaps they have a fetish for middle aged ladies with unpredictable hair and a dodgy hip, who knows?

So the actor who joined my merry band today is a little bit famous apparently. Perhaps he is hoping that if my blog ever became a film, he might get a part.

He's quite dishy actually.....I'm always open to offers...
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