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Words from a Bird.  Day 63

There are some days when one blog would not be enough to cover the events of the last 24 hours, but I'll have a go...

My morning started with a new dress for work, navy blue, good length, trendy (came from New Look, so must be).  I felt great....On coming into the kitchen, the husband did a double take, and said, 'Ooh, hello Matron.  I always did like a nurse's uniform'.  The fact that I had a red cardigan draped over my shoulders obviously hadn't helped the whole 'nurse' situation, and I was starting to get rather concerned at the way he was looking at me.  A bit like how a lion would look at an overweight antelope with three legs who just couldn't run any further.  'Just you be careful', I warned him, 'this came with a stethoscope and a pair of latex gloves'.  As I headed upstairs to swap the red cardigan for something less hospital related, I heard him shout, 'Nurse!  The screens!'  Very funny.  He won't be laughing when he hears the twang of latex in the middle of night...

So the morning only got better...8.30 saw the arrival of a BT engineer in my drive.  I knew that mine wasn't expected till Thursday, but I also knew that my neighbour was expecting an engineer at 8.30.  Much as I wanted to haul him through the front door for my broadband problem, my good nature kicked in (stop laughing..) and I explained that he was at the wrong house.  Here's how it went on my drive...

Me: You should be next door
BT Engineer: This is number 35, isn't it?
Me: Yes, it is
BT Engineer: Then I am at the right house
Me: No you're not.  Next door is expecting you.  She told me so.
BT Engineer: Is your telephone number XXXXXX
Me: Yes
BT Engineer: Then I am definitely in the right place
Me: No you're not.
BT Engineer: Is your name Mr XXXXXXX
Me: Ahem ahem.....what do you think?
BT Engineer: OK.  Have you got Fibre?
Me: No (assuming he wasn't talking about disgusting though healthy breakfast options)
BT Engineer: Right.  So basically I am in the right place, but I have been given the wrong job...

So at this point, I did haul him through the door, as I could see an opportunity to get my bloody internet fixed.  I did get my lovely neighbour in on the act, and between the three of us we worked out where BT had gone wrong.  By lunchtime, we both had our internet up and running again, so normal service is resumed in both of our houses once again.

I must add one note to yesterday's blog.  As you remember, out of sheer desperation, I had driven to Waitrose's car park to utilise the town's 4G.  There was a bit of a dig this morning about how short the blog was.  In my defence, I only had 40p which was enough for just an hour's parking, and I type for accuracy rather than speed, hence the brevity.

Miss R.....I trust you feel you have had your money's worth this morning?


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