Head over feet...

Words from a Bird.  Day 89

Had a row with the husband this evening.  Let me set the scene.....

The shout came up this afternoon for a visit to the cinema to round off the Bank Holiday weekend.  After all the cooking and ironing I had done over the last 48 hours (the kids are at home, need I say more), I welcomed the chance to sit in a dark room for a couple of hours with Eddie the Eagle.  We scooped up my sister en route, and the Three Musketeers were on their way to the bright lights of Maidenhead.

While I collected the tickets (VIP seats naturally) the other two veritably sprinted up the stairs two at a time, to get to the Pick'n'Mix before I got there.  They do this because they know that:

1. They will be restricted on quantity, and

2. They will be made to keep the bag closed until the sweets had been paid for.

Unfortunately, by the time I had sussed out the pre-paid ticket machine, I was too late.  The two of them were standing in the queue, looking like a couple of guilty hamsters, with their cheeks stuffed with stolen confectionary. As we got nearer to the till (and closer to the bottom of the sweet bags) the husband, on seeing the ice cream freezer, shuffled over to pick one. 

I followed him, to try and dissuade him from this, as he already worked his way through a once-full bag of sweets.  As I got to his side, I realised that he was holding a lolly, a joyous smile on his face. 

'Funny Feet?  Not seen them in years.  I'm having two'.

This is where the argument started, as I felt that two ice lollies and a bag of sweets was rather excessive for a film lasting just 102 minutes.  He wasn't having any of it though, and it was only when I threatened to take what was left of the bag of sweets off him, that he reluctantly put one of the Funny Feet back in the freezer.

With a lower lip thrust out in pure resentment, he headed back to the till muttering under his breath. It was then I realised that I probably should have let him have two after all.  I mean, they're not called Funny 'Foot' lollies are they?  They're Funny 'Feet'.

And as we know, feet always come in pairs.


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