Sunday, 28 February 2016

Feeling hot, hot, hot...

Words from a Bird.  Day 59

The husband has a cold.  Now he is not like other husbands (something I am sure you are aware of by now) in that he never complains about it, he just gets on with it.  This can be applied to any illness or injury he has ever had in the fourteen years we have been together. 

Several years ago, he broke two ribs pushing his motorbike up a hill. He took painkillers for a few days, and then just stopped talking about it (unlike me, who will continue milking it for all it's worth).  This may have had something to do with the kidney stone he developed on day three.  That was enough to take his mind off anything.  I managed to break the land speed record that particular Sunday minutes from home to the hospital.  Pretty impressive for a lady driver who doesn't bother using 4th/5th or 6th gears on a normal day (didn't even know I had a 6th gear till son number 2 told me).

So he's soldiering on.  The one complaint this morning, as he surfaced from son number 1's bedroom (you'll recall, the only tidy one) was that he'd been really hot in the night, and must have a temperature.  'Feel my head', he whimpered this morning, beads of sweat rolling down his little red face.  My cooling hand dutifully pressed against his forehead, I dosed him up with some aspirin, and said that his thermostat was probably all over the place as he had a cold.

Daughter number 1 took him to the rugby this afternoon, and I had to drive him into town to drop him off at the railway station.  Call me cruel, but I made him have his window down all the way there to avoid cross contamination (this is also the reason behind his temporary eviction from the marital bed in case you were wondering).

Coming back home this afternoon, I walked back into a very warm house.  It was then I remembered....

When my sister came over on Friday, I had turned the heating to manual, knowing that she feels the cold, and I had forgotten to turn it off when she left.  This would explain the husband's temperature, as son number 1's bed is right next to the radiator, which was on full.  He was lucky he didn't suffer third degree burns, or even worse, leave the room this morning looking like he's been somewhere hot for a fortnight.

Don't tell him, will you.....
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