Friday, 15 January 2016

Slipping through my fingers...

Words from a Bird.  Day 15

Not every day can be filled with humorous piff-paff and nonsense, and today is one of those days. 

Watching a life slowly slipping away is the hardest thing that any of us have to do, and that time has come with my beloved Nanny Joyce. 

At the fabulous age of 95, you're probably thinking that she's done rather well for herself, and it's about time that she started thinking about leaving us.  I do have this theory that she has had to live to this age to cram in all the things she's done with her life.  Bits would have had to have been left out if she'd only made it to 83.  Knowing her, it wouldn't have been the jazz band, motor bike or sailors that would have been omitted.  But the housework would have taken a real bashing, and my granddad would have worn a shirt resembling a street map most days. 

So we sit and we watch over her, and we watch over each other, caring and supporting through what has been, and will be a difficult time for us all.  We still find humour though, something that manages to get us through anything it would seem.  This afternoon, for example, when Nanny joined us for a few minutes, I asked her if this was the first time she'd got out of bed today.  With all the strength she could muster, she breathed out the word 'Yes'.  My reply?  'You lazy cow!'  It drew a tired smile from her eyes, and for a second you see the beautiful woman hiding inside. 

As she drifted back to sleep, I kissed her and told her how much I loved her.  I mean, I don't want to be have to say that my last words to her were 'You lazy cow!' now do I?

As she enters this next phase in her life, the great love she has shown us is returned in bucket loads. Bits of her family drift in and out of her days, each of us letting her know how much she is loved.  And this love has a weird way of winding itself around those who watch her.  It links us together in our sadness, and puts an arm around our shoulders, in an 'It'll be alright' sort of way.

So when that awful time finally comes, we will be alright....Nanny will see to that.....

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