The day the penny finally dropped..

Words from a Bird.  Day 12

A year ago today, I started my three week temporary assignment at Grundon.  Apart from a short respite in May, I am still in Binland, loving every minute.  My anniversary coincided with a new salesman joining our team; to welcome him aboard the wheelie bin of fortune, we all trolleyed down to the local hostelry for lunch, courtesy of the boss (or the boss's boss, not too sure..)

It was while we sitting around the table ordering from the menu, that I realised that I AM OLD.  My dignified, grown-up choice from the menu, Pollo e Panna with a lime and soda was taken first, followed by 'three burgers and chips, two lemonades and a coke, and can we have straws please'.  The gorgeous waitress, who obviously thought I was doing rather well for myself, surrounded by three young lads, was all eyelashes and heaving bosom while talking to them.  I am not sure if she thought I was their mother, or maybe their parole officer?  After all, they were all suited and booted and on their best behaviour.

Conversation was interesting; just who is Jason Derulo?  It would appear that I am nearer in age to the other Jason (him of the Argonaut fame) than this chap.  Mind you, none of them had ever heard of A-ha, so I suppose we're even.  It was at this point in the conversation that I realised that I had tights older than these three, some of which still have the occasional outing. 

The lad closest in age to me (still young enough to be one of my offspring) has recently had his first child. He was telling us about an episode of 'One Born Every Minute' which he had seen.  The two younger boys had glazed over at this point, blood draining from their faces, so trying to claw back the conversation, I said that once you have four children over the age of 18, you tend to watch Dexter (still ploughing our way through this, only another 14 episodes to go).   As you may know, Dexter Morgan is a serial killer who covers his tracks meticulously, getting away with murder time and time again.  You can never have enough knowledge, that's what I say.

Food finished, coffees drunk, bill paid.  The boys all had to go back to work, dragging their heels and muttering 'Do we have to?' while I ushered them out of the restaurant like a rather wrinkly, blond Welsh Collie,  fresh off the set of One Man and His Dog.

Me?  Well I went home to look up exactly who Jason Derulo is.  You've heard the saying about making an old man happy?  Well after precisely 23 very happy seconds looking at Mr Derulo's website through my varifocals, I heard my mother's voice of reason wafting through my head......'Know your limits dear, know your limits..' 

Point taken......


Thanks to everyone reading, and hopefully enjoying these verbal ramblings x

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