Where did you go?

Words from a Bird....Day 2.

First day of the new year finds me laid prostrate on the couch, mourning the loss of my waistline.  I am wondering whether elasticated waistbands are something that is acceptable to a 52 year old?  Probably not, so I will have to make do with the vacuum knickers and a discreetly released top button for the time being.  This situation will improve of course; my mum has always said that the quicker you put it on, the quicker you lose it.  After the New Year's Eve binge, I reckon I should be back down to my fighting weight at around 10.27 this morning.....fingers crossed (well, sort of laid next to each other, can't quite get one over the other just yet...)

So, going back to yesterday, I did haul my sorry carcass on a rather long walk with the husband and dog.  Of course, having checked with my new Fitbit (this is a pedometer, not some handsome Personal Trainer) I was able to confirm to the husband that we had walked far enough to justify a bacon sandwich, two slices of birthday cake, two mince pies, a beer and half a tin of sweets.  Not all in one sitting of course, but neatly straddled either side of a leg of lamb.  The more I think about it, 10.27 is looking less likely.

I have always found New Year's Day puzzling.  We spend the night before celebrating the fact that we have had another wonderful year on this planet....day dawns, and we are rapidly making a list of all the things we are going to change to make the coming year richer/thinner/fitter/better etc etc. 

My advice is don't give anything up, just take something up....for me this year, it's much loved words.  Hopefully, this will last longer than my gym membership (2009), my wish to learn sign language (2012) and vegetarianism (2004).  If I can make it to Day 4, I shall class this as an unmitigated success!


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