Where did you get that hat?

Words from a Bird.  Day 25

Today was one of the days that as a family we have been dreading since Nanny left us last week.  Armed with bin bags and doughnuts we headed to Nanny's flat, with plans to clear and sort as much as we could.  The aim was to provide the wonderful Sue Ryder home with as much as possible, thus providing funds to give some other family the love and care which we received while Nanny was there. 

One room at a time, we opened drawers and cupboards, folded and sorted clothes, marvelled at the sheer amount of shoes and handbags one person could own, and as for the hats, well, there was one for every occasion.  At one point, as I looked around the room, all five of us were wearing a hat of some description.  Unfortunately, varying head sizes meant that four of us had them perched on top like a lookout station, while one of us resembled Freddie Parrott and was asking who had switched the lights out!

When it came to the airing cupboard, the other four had all decided (in my absence) that I was going to be the one who emptied the top cupboard of its brushed cotton contents.  Was this because I am the tallest of a short bunch?  No.  It was because the shelf was festooned with enough spider web action to supply the Hammer House of Horrors Special Effects Department for the next 20 years.  As a rational human being, our eight-legged friends hold no fear for me, so it was up the ladder I went.  I passed down sheet after sheet to them, waiting till the very last one before I shouted 'Spider! Watch out!'  Hilarious watching them scatter.....

It's very hard parting with things that you have been aware of all your life.  This is why, four hours later, I left the flat with the following items:

1 x  The Complete Book of Handicrafts
1 x The Book of Good Needlework (circa 1951)
2 x Tins of spare buttons and sewing needles
2 x hardback books on Musicals
1 x book on Portsmouth Old and New (All Old by now I should think)
1 x Pen Tidy (a present to my Grandad when I was 8 years old)
1 x plastic wine stirring spoon (Grandad again)
1 x walking stick
1 x screwdriver (Grandad's initials were in it...)
4 x Shot glasses (many questions were raised as to when and whether these were ever used)
1 x Yellow embroidered make up bag made by me when I was 9 (See 'Surprise, Surprise, Day 17')
2 x Crocheted coat hangers

So bits of Nanny's life now have a new home, one where they can continue being loved and used for many more years. 

Not too sure what I am going to do with the two feet long wine stirring spoon, but I am sure I'll come up with something......



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