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Words from a Bird.  Day 20

As you have probably figured out by now, my family is incredibly close.  We are a rare breed, often choosing to spend time together through pleasure rather than just duty.  The hours spent around Nanny's hospital bed are proving to be a quite a special time in a strange way.  We can talk uninterrupted, covering all manner of subjects. 

Today proved to be one of those times, as my mum, aunt and I sat round the bed, nursing cups of tea. We had spoken about Nanny, and had updated other family members about how she was.  Having done our equivalent of Nanny Housekeeping, it was time to move on to other subjects.

Now my aunt reads my blog faithfully, being a modern, professional woman, completely up to speed with technology (she even answers her mobile when you ring it!); my mother however is a bit of a Luddite when it comes to anything with a password (Kindle lasted 17 days before it was retired to the dresser drawer).  Apparently, you can't use a bookmark with a Kindle, and she kept losing her place. 

We also tried to get her onto facebook sometime ago, what a disaster that turned out to be.  She had many people try to 'friend' her, but she was too afraid to accept any of them, telling us all that it was the equivalent of giving people your front door key. Facebook didn't even fare as well as the Kindle, her account was deactivated after just 6 days. Going back to the mobile phone, my mum's favourite trick is to ALWAYS have her phone with her, but to ALWAYS keep it turned off to save the battery.  This explains why it is ALWAYS impossible to get hold of her.

So my mum hasn't really read much of my blog, so when my aunt started to tell me how funny she'd found yesterday's about dating in the modern world, my mum's ears pricked up.  'Do you remember that bloke I met who had tunnel vision?  We had to meet somewhere on the main road as he wasn't too good with junctions.'  So you can see, conversation is varied to say the least.  This however was highbrow compared to what came next...

Mum.  'I love my new mop'
Aunt.  'Oh that's good.  Does it still smell like the old one did?'
Mum. 'No.  I'm not keeping it in the pantry anymore'
Aunt. 'Were you standing it on its head in between uses?  That's probably why it smelt'
Mum. 'No.  Stick down, head up'.
Me. 'What kind of mop have you got then?'
Mum. 'A stringy one that's not string (?)'
Aunt. 'It's a Vileda one, not like mine with the string thongs.  Your mum's are flat and blue'  (Still no wiser)
Me.  'I don't like those mops.  I hate the way I have to rinse them in the washing up bowl'.
Mum.  'Well you know what your problem is, don't you?  You're not using a mop-appropriate bucket'
Aunt.  Silence
Me. Silence

It's another world........


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