Surprise, surprise!

Words from a Bird.  Day 17

My wonderful husband never ceases to surprise me.  While having dinner last night, he came out with this priceless gem, 'Well, I love sewing'.  Let me put this into context.  I was telling him about another lovely friend who reads these ramblings; she'll know I'm talking about her.  She had a small tear in her jumper, and I asked her if she had anything to mend it.  She didn't, but apparently her husband was fairly nifty with a needle and thread.  So our conversation over dinner had started about male/female sex-appropriate activities.  Obviously, sewing was a woman's job?  Well apparently not.
The husband then went on to describe, in quite graphic detail,  the case he had made out of that strange yellow material with pre-cut holes in it.  Apparently, he had mastered running and cross stitch, and was also pretty good with zig-zag and blanket.  There was also brief mention of a button hole for goodness sake.

So armed with this information, I started to think.  I thought about the many buttons I have sewn onto boys' shirts over the years, the zips I have re-inserted into skirts, and the seams I have sewn and oversewn on the crotches of jeans.  I remembered the curtains I have taken up and the trousers I have taken down.  And do you know, in all that time, he has never once said to me, 'Here give that to me to do.  I LOVE SEWING....'

Of course, now I am thinking about all the other lights he might have been hiding under the famous bushel.  Perhaps he's good at flower arranging or the plumping of scatter cushions.  Maybe his talents tend to lean towards more manly pursuits such as sword swallowing or wrestling. I just don't know. 

In fact, the only time I have seen his little eyes light up, is if there is a chance to drive something with a shovel on the front, usually involving our drive, someone else's drive, or our (my) allotment.  He can also get quite animated when presented with any kind of power tool, especially one which comes in a matching plastic case.  However, in the fourteen years I have known this man, never once have they lit up at the sight of my sewing basket.

Just goes to show, you never really know anyone, do you? 


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