Puppy love...

Words from a Bird.  Day 31

Having made the decision that we were going to add to the family with another four legged fuzzball, it was down to me to cut through the dreadful puppy farmers which seem to be on every corner now, and find an Kennel Club assured breeder.

Percy came from one such breeder 5 minutes walk from us, but this time we had to go further afield to find the right dog. 

Of course, once the offspring knew we were heading off to choose a puppy, they all wanted to come with us. 

Daughter number 1: 'I'm coming with you' (Determination)
Son number 1: 'I'd like to come with you' (Optimism)
Daughter number 2: 'Me and James are coming' (Determination again, but with a dash of terrible grammar)
Son number 2: 'I'd like to come, and so would Lucy, but I might be working' (Optimism, rapidly followed by thinly veiled disappointment)

So the husband was calculating how many cars would be needed to transport the whole tribe plus friends down to Bath.  However, as the week drew to a close, one by one, the desire choose a puppy was overtaken by other activities.  Daughter number 1 chose to play netball, (or 'Stuck in the Mud with a Ball' as her cousin chooses to dismiss it with.  Son number 1 decided to have the **** kicked out of him on a muddy rugby pitch.  Daughter number 2, who I was convinced would be tagging along, went off to watch daughter number 1 play netball, then hauled her boyfriend around the shops (she'll learn, and so will he), and son number 2 was working (his job is the only one I can think off where you don't have to wear underwear to perform well....)

In the end, it was just the husband and me, as it probably should have been all along. 

Looking at the perfect little doggy family (mum, dad, six pups) it was almost impossible to pick just one (I did try and push for a couple more, but to the husband's evident relief, they were sold).  But in the end we chose the squeakiest one with the waggiest tale who was the most lively and a high achiever where the food source was concerned.

I can see elements of all of our children in him. 

He could be trouble...


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