Lessons in love.....

Words from a Bird.  Day 22

As from today I am no longer somebody's grandchild - this is a role which I have held for over 52 years, and I believe I have fulfilled the job well.  If the job of grandchild came with a handbook, it would read probably something like this......

The Baby/Toddler

1. Always be ill on the night Nanna and Grandad babysat (extra points if you are at their house rather than at home)
2. Eat all the strawberries off their plants, leaving none for the grown ups (see 1)
3. Request shoulder rides (especially important when leaving the beach after a day in the sand)
4. Demand that your jam jars on string be filled with the best fish bait ever.....every three minutes

The Teenager

1. Eat grandparents out of house and home on a regular basis.
2. Holiday with them in caravan parks with giggle-worthy names (Sandy Balls springs to mind)
3. Wander round car boot sale, after car boot sale, after car boot sale, after car boot sale..........
4. Dress inappropriately, but expect (and get) approval at all times

The Younger Adult

1. Present babies on a regular basis - adding a new layer of grandparents as you do so
2. Always dance with your Grandad at functions
3. Let your Grandad usher you out of your parking space every time you leave their house

The Older Adult

1. Listen to stories you've heard a million times, but which you'd gladly listen to a million times more (especially that one about the mad dog which dug its own grave in the garden)
2. Accept that time is getting short
3. Visit, visit, visit.......
4. Say all the things you want to say, as if today was the last chance you'd get to say them

When you have a grandparent, you still have the capacity and excuse to feel like a child.  I suppose for me, it's now time to grow up and accept I am an adult at last.  However, I don't think I am quite ready to take on the incredible role of grandparent as yet.

Offspring......take note.


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