Words from a Bird Day 8

My mother has always told my sister and I that it is the 'quiet ones' we have to watch out for as we go through life.  She is obviously talking about men, so good motherly advice.  It would appear that this advice could just as easily have been applied to one of my many children....

Over the last few days, all four children (I use the term loosely) had been complaining about their mobiles, with each of their siblings calling them and then denying making the call.  Various theories had been put forward as to who was behind the prank calls, especially by daughter number 1. We had discussed poltergeist activity, a glitch on her dad's mobile phone after a lengthy group conversation with all of them and Apple.  When out of desperation (as if blaming ghosts and Apple weren't desperate enough), she started pointing the finger at daughter number 2, I said, 'But she's far too busy to muck around with prank calls.  She's got revision and some serious exams coming up.  You can't genuinely believe that she would find time to do this, can you?  She's so sensible, and I haven't spoken to her since Monday as she's been in the library all that time......'

Three minutes later, daughter number 2 keeled over in submission, admitting that she had been calling two siblings up from separate phones with number withheld, then putting the phones next to each other so that the two recipients could have a conversation, usually along the lines of...

'Who's this?'
'It's Elliot.  Who's this?'
'It's Samuel.  What do you want?'
'What do you mean 'what do I want'?  You called me'
'No I didn't, you just called me'
'No, you called me - I'm texting my call log to you now....see, you called me'

Best one has to be between son number 1 and daughter number 2's boyfriend...

'Who's this?'
'It's Samuel, you called me.  Who's this?'
'It's James, and you called me'
'Oh, sorry, must be a wrong number'
'Yeah, no worries mate'

So yes, where men are concerned, it is always best to avoid those quiet ones.  Before you know it, they've bought a Kia C'eed.  I know my mother always warned me that they'd have their hand up my skirt before I knew it, but at my age, I find the Kia C'eed slightly more of a threat (and more likely).

I have allowed myself a quiet smile though - it is a good thing when one of your children can still surprise you as they hurtle towards adulthood. 

Like my mum says, 'It's always the quiet ones...'


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