Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Bye bye, Baby.....

Words from a Bird....Day 27

I have watched almost all of my children head off to university over the years.  It has been relatively pain free each time, and on the odd occasion there has even been a discreet fist pump as we waved goodbye from the car - once again, no names.....

However, what has always made it easier was the fact that there were always three, two or one of the ankle biters left at home, so empty nest syndrome was in reality, merely more spacious nest syndrome.  Vacated rooms started to have new names, such as 'Dumping Ground' and 'Percy's Bedroom'.

Yesterday saw the start of the end as I schlepped son number 2 across to Essex for a tour of his chosen home for three years from September.  'Hope a bloke takes us round', said number 2, 'I'll want to know all about the nightlife.  And please don't let on you watch TOWIE or ask stupid questions...'  Apparently, as I am north of 50 (his phrase not mine) this is an age-inappropriate television programme for me.....

So you can imagine my joy as our University Ambassador approached us for our personal tour.  Head covered in a beautiful scarf, floor length skirt, a coat and stout shoes....all the way from Malaysia.  Her name was Jasmine, and she was a second year Law student, and had probably never stepped over the threshold of the Student Union.  I would also imagine that the Sugar Hut was an unknown quantity as were boys of any sort.  She was lovely, and knew everything about the University and nothing about life after about 8.00pm. 

Number 2 asked as many sensible questions as he could, and after the tour, he knew this was the right place for him to expand the old brain cells. 

But it suddenly hit me on the A12.... I only have about seven months left as Banker, Taxi Driver, Cook, Washerwoman, Counsellor and Alarm Clock.  What will I do with all that new free time? Then I remembered.  I still have the husband at home who employs me for at least three of these jobs, and there's also the threat of Daughter number 2 returning home when her degree finishes in June.  (Is there ever a time when they go, and not come back like a 5'10' homing pigeon?)

Of course, I could handle this differently......where's my suitcase?

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