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Baby love...

Words from a Bird.  Day 28.

A very big decision was reached in our house last night.  For the last two years, yes, you heard me right, two years, I have been talking the husband into having a second dog. 

Between you and me, I am not too sure why I want another dog.  When put on the spot by the husband as to my reasons for wanting another four legged friend, this is what I managed to come up with:

1.  He'll be a brother for Percy
2.  She'll be a girlfriend for Percy (This is interchangeable with reason 1)
3. We'll still have a dog when Percy goes over Rainbow Bridge (the entrance to Doggy Heaven for   those non dog-owners among you)
4. He will play with Percy (cue many facebook clips showing old dog/young dog playing with sock)
5. Percy gets lonely (this is called underhand emotional blackmail)

So, after some thought, here are the more honest reasons:

1. I love puppies.
2. I really love puppies.

But enough of the lists, the brutal truth is that at the age of 52, as the last of my children gets ready to leave home (see Day 27) I need 'something to cuddle', something that is wholly dependent on me for its care and wellbeing.  Something warm and soft, with big brown eyes whose sole wish is for a tummy rub.

I daren't tell the husband this....he might think that my wish for a puppy is concealing my desire for ANOTHER CHILD. 

He will then accuse me of being in denial when I tell him how daft he is thinking that, which will be rapidly followed by a reminder from him as to how ancient (the word which springs to mind is withered) I am.  He will come out with many reasons as to why we shouldn't have any more children (all of which I happen to agree with) and will probably start pleading with me at some point, possibly on his knees.

So this Saturday, we are off to look at a litter of two week old Mini Schnauzer pups. 

However, I might take a detour to Mothercare, just for a laugh.....


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