Cut to the chase...

There is nothing better than waking up the morning after a hangover day.  It was fantastic to feel human again, and feeling my ebullient mood upon me once more, the husband and I decided to head out to the Diana Brimblecombe Animal Rescue Centre ( for their annual Fun Day.  This is a big fundraiser for them, so armed with a fistful of the folding stuff, we got ready to leave.  Just as we were walking out the door, son number one appeared at the top of the stairs. 'Can I come with you?' he asked.  

'Yes', said the husband wearily.  'How long will you be?'

'Five minutes', said son number one ambitiously, heading into the shower.  Five minutes passed, and then he was out of the shower, into his room, and beavering away with the hairdryer.

Another ten minutes and we were finally on our way with the two dogs on board.

When we arrived it was fence to fence schnauzer heaven and my eyes were drawn to a competition stall where dogs had to dribble a football from one end of a field to the other, all under the watchful scrutiny of a rather imposing lady.   Now dribbling is one of Percy's favourite pastimes, so handing over my £2, Percy and I walked into the ring. Son number one followed me in to help in case I needed help,  and standing at the starting line, we waited till the we got the nod, and then we were off.  

I dragged Percy down the end of the course, where the blue ball was waiting, and showing it to him, said, 'Come on Percy, let's play football'.  Unfortunately my canine centre forward had other things on his mind and he headed for the fence for a spot of 'Percy was here' marking.  Now in the rules, any sort of 'fouling' was an elimination (I had assumed that this wasn't the kind of 'kicking in the shins' fouling they were implying) so I muttered under my breath to son number one, 'Quick, go and say something to the nice lady to distract her'.  Now son number one is a rather handsome chap so as he chatted to the lady, Percy was given the chance to piddle in peace with no risk of being sent off.

Once that was done, it was nose to the floor, and he dribbled the ball over the finishing line beautifully.  This was with me pretending to tackle him, while trotting backwards yelling at the top of my voice, 'Come on Percy!  You can do it!'

We didn't win anything, and the husband did say that if there was an Embarrassment League I would have won the cup, but I was thrilled, as was Percy with the foot long Bonio he got just for taking part.  

I then headed off to the Schnauzerfest stall where I was parted with every bit of money left in my purse.  I never begrudge a single penny as it's a cause close to my heart.  Take a look at what they do ( and you'll realise that there are some very lovely people out there quietly performing little miracles every day.

So it's been a very good weekend. Somewhere between wearing a hat and drinking Pimms and being chased down a field by a large blue ball with a schnauzer in tow, I have managed to paint a kitchen, weed the garden, survive a whopping hangover, throw dignity to the wind and bankrupt myself.

A success all round I would say...


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