Monday, 8 May 2017

No diggity...

Yesterday started like any other day, with Reg taking a running leap at our bedroom door at around 5.30. As you know, I am a very thoughtful wife (modest too), so I took myself and Reg off downstairs, so that the husband could sleep on in peace.

By the time he trundled downstairs, it was 10.00, and I had done a load of washing, all of the ironing, unloaded the dishwasher (hate, hate, hate that job...even more than bloody washing up), and had even located the holiday suitcase in preparation of the trip to Italy next week.  In fact, I had finished all of my jobs, and was just looking forward to a lazy day in the garden.

The husband, however, had other plans for me.  'Let's go and buy the vegetable seeds for the allotment and get everything planted'.  He was so excited, that I couldn't let him down. so we headed off to the local garden centre. Now I was prepared with a list of the salad and vegetables which we eat on a regular basis, as I don't see the point in growing things which a) I don't like and b) I've never heard of.  

The husband had not planned our purchases, and almost galloped over to the vegetable area. The garden centre didn't have everything we wanted much to my dismay, but then my eyes settled on some seed tapes. Now this sounded like a great idea - all the seeds on a take, individually and perfectly spaced.  All we needed to do was to dig a trench, stick the tapes in, cover them up and water them.  Sounds great doesn't it?

The trouble is that once bought, you feel obliged to plant all twenty types of vegetable, so as we head towards the summer there will be some very odd things on out plates along with the runner beans. I have no idea what Kohlrabi is, but Sod's Law dictates that this will be the only success on the allotment this year and we will be eating it with everything from Weetabix to our Sunday roast.

With all of those in, we then planted potatoes, runner beans, parsnips, carrots and spring onions.

Having done all of that yesterday, the husband calculated that with what we've spent today we could have had a box of organic vegetables personally delivered by Brad Pitt each week.

But of course, we'll be telling all of our friends exactly what other allotment friends used to tell us...

'They taste so different to shop bought veg.  You'll never go back'.

Yeah, right....

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