Little too late...

It was a sad night on Wednesday as the husband and I didn't get to go dancing.  This wasn't because we were worried about the pain we could inflict on strangers' feet over the course of two hours, nor was it because we were struck with an attack of CBA (ask your kids about that one).  It was simply down to the fact that the husband returned home from working in London about half an hour after we would have normally left.  He rushed in, shedding layers of clothes as he walked, saying to me that he'd have a shower and then we'd go. Looking at his weary little face, I told him that we should give it a miss as it was late, and as it was the first lesson of the course (we've already done lessons 8 to 12 so have covered quite a lot) we wouldn't miss much.  Well, his face lit up like a Christmas tree, and he slumped gratefully on the sofa for the rest of the evening.

Thinking about this yesterday, I did wonder whether he'd been parked around the corner for an hour, waiting till it was late enough to come home, but surely not...

I was only slightly miffed as I have some new dance shoes to wear.  These are slightly more sober looking that the hallucinogenic silver glitter numbers which I have been sporting over the last two months, but they'll live to fight another day I suppose. What's worrying is that because we haven't been for a couple of weeks, we might have forgotten everything.  Perhaps starting at Week 1 again wouldn't have been such a bad thing after all.

Talking of starting at Week 1, my Pilates classes started again last night.  The parting words from out teacher several weeks ago involve advice on practicing some of the exercises daily, concentrating on one in particular involving my slightly deflated exercise ball which, and I quote, 'uses most of the muscle groups'.

Here's some questions you may have liked to ask me yesterday afternoon..

1.  Have you done the exercise your teacher mentioned?
No - I couldn't remember it, so thought it best not to try it in case I got it wrong.

2.  Have you done any of the exercises you have learned?
No - I couldn't remember a single one, and confused my Cobra and Arrow so gave up.

3. Do you know where the deflated exercise ball is?
Sort of,  Well I know where parts of it are.  The garden, under the sofa and on the drive. One word....Reg.

4.  Do you know where your yoga pants are?
Ironing basket? Wardrobe? Back of my car?

5.  How about your trainers?
I give in.  Is this a trick question?

But I did eventually find everything I needed, and managed to do the whole class without passing out, crying, farting or vomiting.

A resounding success I feel...


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