Thursday, 13 April 2017


Our family has a WhatsApp group chat, so that we can all keep in touch.  With kids living between the far south and the Midlands, we don't manage to get all of us into one room very often, so the app gives us a chance to chat each day about stuff and nonsense.  

Yesterday was very exciting on the group chat...

I had decided that I wanted to take us all away for a week in the sun.  With so much happening in the kids' lives, this could be the last chance to all go together before (and I say this with fear in my voice) we become in-laws to some poor unsuspecting girl or boy, or worse still, we become...wait for it....grandparents. So I put up a message on the chat with the week I had in mind.  This had already been decided by son number one who was the only one at home when I was looking at the calendar, so he got first dibs on the week.

Daughter number one came back with the predicted reply of 'Where are we going?'  When I replied that it would be somewhere hot and glamorous, I could sense the relief.  I suspect she was thinking of previous holidays spent in tents, caravans and cheap hotels, and was not willing to pack a suitcase full of Shetland knits and thermals. Daughter number two was thrilled also.  Son number two, who crawled in through the front door on his knees after a hard day in the NHS, almost cried with joy at talk of an all inclusive week in the sun.

So this just left the husband.  Four hours later, and there was still no reply from him. Perhaps he's concerned about the bashing his wallet might take, or that the kids might force him onto a giant inflatable banana again (it took him weeks to recover from the chaffing).  There's also the worry about easy availability of absinthe, but I am hoping he's learned his lesson on that score.....say no more.  Anyway, as I said to the kids, we do need someone to look after the dogs, so may just go without him.

So now I am on full pelt holiday search.  Having not booked a holiday for us abroad for over a decade, things seem to have changed a little.  I shan't be going into the local travel agent to spend a whole Saturday mulling over brochures, with a tired looking forty year old trying to persuade me that Magaluf is lovely at that time of the year.  No, it's going to be recommendations all the way, so if you know of any fab places which can accommodate a couple of relics and four big children, please let me know.  I do have a couple of ideas of my own which I plan to explore, but I shan't be telling the kids where we're going until we get to the airport.

I might have a little joke, and turn up at the airport in a ski suit.  

In August, that should get them going...

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