Messed up kids...

Now he is working in Oxford, son number two is spending more time at his best-friend-now-girlfriend ELL's house,  This is all very well, but it goes hand in hand with not spending so much time at home.  Anyway, it's very quiet here, and what with daughter number one being away too, the dishwasher is only going on once every two days.  But it's the new washing machine I feel really sorry for.  Every time I wander past it, it looks up at me as if to say, 'I didn't sign up for this part time job - rumour had it that I would be washing clothes all day, not just a paltry once every three days'.

Well I suppose I feel much the same.  I am used to coming home from Binland and having a list as long as your arm of things to do.  Things like packed lunches for the following day (I know he's 19, but he'll be gone before I know it), ironing, washing, shopping for food (a daily job when son number two is here) and just general clearing up after him.  I am still shocked when I walk back through the door as the house is exactly as I left it (unless Reg has had a Tasmanian Devil attack, in which case, there will be a shredded doormat/newspaper/slipper/trainer to greet me at the door). 

He's back this weekend, because he's on dog duty as the husband is whisking me off to Liverpool for the weekend.  Four whole days and nights away with no one to worry about except ourselves.  I am anticipating ferrying up the Mersey, a Magical Mystery Tour, the Cavern Club, bad perms and shell suits.  We're also meeting up with the husband's sister Mrs W and her glorious beau Mr G while we're there which will be lovely. 

So I won't see son number two while he's dog-sitting, but I know for a fact that when we return on Monday, there will be evidence everywhere that he has been back.

1.  The pizzas and fajitas I bought for him will remain uneaten
2.  The bin will be full of Chinese takeaway cartons
3.  The washing machine will be empty (..which is good.  However.........)
4.  The dirty linen basket will be overflowing, spilling its contents across the landing
5.  The dishwasher will be full of dirty plates...
6.  But will not have been put on
7.  The fridge will be devoid of food (all of it would be removed to the garage fridge and replaced with beers)
8.  There will be shoes....everywhere
9 . His bedroom will once again resemble TK Maxx on a Saturday morning
10.There will not be a glass to be found, unless you are brave enough to go into his room, where they will all be lined up on the window sill as if it were last orders in a pub in Newcastle.

And then the husband and I will return on Monday, after the kids have gone to work, relaxed and renewed after our time away together.  I give it two minutes after walking through the front door, before I forget that we have even been away.  It's just as well I have the rest of Monday afternoon off to reclaim the house back from the teenagers in the family. 

It's all about the planning you see...


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