Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Short people...

So Day Two of the 'Got to Get Back into My Jeans' challenge went rather better than Day One. There was a mid afternoon close shave, but I managed to stay on the straight and narrow.  When I tell you what was on the tricky road I travelled, you will understand why I needed a bloody medal.

Later on today, I have some lovely friends coming for afternoon tea.  These ladies and I have history stretching back over fifteen years, with our sons, who are all now 19, being the common denominator.  Now these ladies knew me when I was making two hundred cakes a week, so their expectations are high with regard to the baked goods on offer.  Let me tell you what I prepared for them yesterday afternoon...

Lemon Drizzle Cake - I am famous for my Drizzle, at least I think that's what people are talking about

Chocolate Fudge Butterfly Cakes with White Chocolate Stars - enough said...

Iced Sponge with Buttercream and Raspberry Jam - this combination is the best the world

Homemade Fruit Scones with Clotted Cream and Strawberry Jam - all hidden from the snaffler I'm married to.

All this was made yesterday afternoon, between dog walking, housework and my second Pilates class.  And I actually managed to stay away from the spatula, the food mixer blade, and the special knife I use for icing, all of which had cake mix clinging to them like nectar from the gods.  But I resisted.  Unfortunately, and this really hacks me off, just saying 'no' to something isn't enough to get rid of the extra pounds.  But I'm on my way, so I'm hoping that this summer I will be in my bikini, with no fear of frightening small children off, or turning the stomachs of young men who are yet to see what a 'real woman' looks like.

Going back to last night's Pilates session, there were only two of us on the mats this week.  Of course this gave the teacher the chance to really look at what we were doing, so there was no place to hide.  Because of this,  I have to confess that this morning, I am really feeling the impact of last night's exertions as I had been doing it properly.  I think that someone removed my legs in the night and popped them back on the wrong way round, and my shoulders have spent a most unpleasant hour hurling abuse at each other this morning.  I think that I will be toddling around Binland like an 80 year old woman today, so I hope that Master P and Master B will be on hand with copious amounts of tea and coffee throughout the morning.

My last piece of news from yesterday is that I collected son number two's car from the garage and drove it home.  After a very embarrassing five minutes of trying to start it (who has a key and a Start button for goodness' sake?) I eventually got in the car and drove away.  Now I am around 5'6", whereas son number two is 6'4".  As I looked over the steering wheel to pull away, I realised that I couldn't....His seat is so low to accommodate his lanky legs that my derriere was dragging on the tarmac and I was driving blind.  Naturally, I couldn't ask the garage bloke to help me again, so I pulled the car around the corner and frantically looked for something which would pump me up as it were.  Well having found the demister, cruise control and bonnet release (this was annoying as I had to get out of the car to shut it again) I finally found a lever which raised the seat, thus allowing me to see out of the front window.

I haven't told son number two that I have changed his seat.  I quite like the idea of him getting in there later this morning and getting his head wedged against the sunroof.

Simple pleasures.....

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