Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Move that body...

Well I did it....

I almost didn't, driving around the village looking for another village hall, having gone to the only one I knew, I nearly despaired of ever finding it, but eventually the penny dropped, and village hall number two was found.  It's called the Youth Hall, mainly because it doesn't have a licence for alcohol.  I must say, there were times last night when a swift gin and tonic would have gone down well, but, let's not get too far ahead.

So was it?

Well I looked the part and blended in quite nicely with the other ladies who were there.  Only one of them had done Pilates before, so I felt confident that I wouldn't be the worst in the room.  I bagsied a mat at the front - all the other ladies were on the back row, and I did wonder if this was similar to the back row on the school bus.  Would they be flicking the bird at casual walkers by, or singing lewd songs all the way.  Sadly not, but the lovely Alex who was our teacher, had to walk probably twice as far as what she could have done if everyone had been on the front row.  A double workout for her...not that she needed it I have to say...I'm not bitter, just middle aged (actually, that's probably being optimistic as I'm probably now on the wrong side of middle anything).

Well it turned out that I was ok at this.  I've always been very flexible (not quite to India Rubber Man standards) so all the bending, reaching, stretching and stuff wasn't too difficult.  Of course, the lovely Alex had to spoil it all by telling us that she was starting with the really easy stuff, but I didn't let it put me off, and I did things with my body which I'd forgotten possible, and for which my body will punish me dearly for over the next two days I'm sure.

Of course, the whole hour would have been a lot easier if I hadn't eaten fish and chips three hours earlier.  I had met two lovely friends from primary school for what I thought was drinks and a chat.  Having saintly drunk my pathetic, watery diet soup at work, I raced over to Marlow to meet them.  After five minutes of catching up, having not seen each other for over forty years, the two of them asked what I wanted for lunch. 

Well, what was a girl to do...  There was salad on the menu.  Let's face it, there's always salad on the menu.  But it was cold outside, and the fish and chips seemed like an excellent idea.  When it was brought to the table, my fish was hanging over the sides of the plate looking like the leading part in Free Willy (but without the teeth) and there was lashings of tartare sauce and posh mushy peas.

Now I am never one to let the team down, so I ate the blooming lot.  No wonder exercise involving laying down was so attractive last night.

Me and monochromed Willy had a lot in common last night...

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