Saturday, 7 January 2017

If I could turn back time...

So Fat Friday is no more at Binland.

I have to say, there was a sniff of revolt yesterday as the morning hit the hunger zenith also known as 10.45.  Mrs S (whose idea this was, if you remember) called me to see whether Master B or Master P  were going out for munchies as she was starving.  I did remind her that this was the whole point if you were on a diet (I've been hungry since Tuesday, so I do sympathise).  Unfortunately, the two boys had made New Year's Resolutions to bring lunches into work rather than spending their pocket money on food, so their desks were piled high with goodies.

'Do they want to sell me anything?' asked Mrs S.  Well I'll give Master B his due, he did scan his stash, before saying that he didn't, so poor Mrs S had to go without (or so I thought...)

As I left the office yesterday, I headed down to the Transport office to say goodbye to Mrs S and the rest of the crew.  There was a very disgruntled Mr M down there, looking very crestfallen at the lack of Fat Friday goodies.  'Whose idea was it to red light the flapjack?' he asked.  Pointing at Mrs S, I explained that it was a request as we all needed to lose a bit of post Christmas waistline.

'Oh that's nice', he said.  'Deprive us all why don't you...' and then he pointed at a Decleor bag on the side.  Do you remember me talking about things wrapped up in inappropriate boxes yesterday?  Well this Decleor (skincare/makeup etc) bag was full of chocolates (although possibly less full than it had been at the start of Forbidden Fat Friday I feel) and the Transport office had been quietly looking after themselves while the rest of us wept quietly into our Slim-a-Soups...

I have a feeling that Fat Friday may make a welcome comeback next week.  I'll let you know.

Now Christmas is over, Miss R and I have been deciding where we would like to go for our cold December break this year. We have done Norway and Poland the last two years with the husband in tow, so decisions had to be made as to where we would go this coming December.  Miss R and I were quite keen on Prague (cold, Christmassy, cheap, close to home) whereas the husband (who considers himself to be 'the outdoors type') wanted to sleep in an igloo for three days (blood freezing temperatures of -30 and expensive with a high risk of becoming a bear's breakfast), so we have decided where we are going on the quiet. 

I can't tell you where we're going because we have decided that we're not telling him till we get to the airport.  Needless to say it will be cold but we might not even tell him that, preferring to steer him towards shorts, flip-flops and factor 30.

What a wheeze.....

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