Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Elastic love...

I am pleased to report that after two and a bit weeks of moving a bit more and eating a bit less (sounds so easy when you say it like that) my trousers are starting to feel a little looser.  Saying that they are a 'little looser' implies that there was an element of looseness before I started, so let me rephrase that.....my trousers are no longer cutting off the circulation around my waist.  For the last few months, I have had a great hourglass figure (one where all the sand has dropped to the bottom) but at last I can see tiny harbingers of a reappearing waist.  You know, one of those which goes in and out rather than just round and round whichever way you look at it.

I have a favourite pair of work trousers which spent most of yesterday afternoon being hoisted up to avoid making me look like the Penguin in Batman (the Danny de Vito one).  I like these because they have a half elasticated waistband.  I'm not old enough to reach out for full waistband elastication just yet, but half way is acceptable. So the elasticated bit is now working against me, as up till now it has had something to wrap its stretchy arms around.  Now that is diminishing, it's not trying so hard, hence the falling trousers.  I'm thinking of adding tighter elastic to pull them up a bit.  Or maybe braces? 

Now they are a no-no for us ladies.  You always have the decision of inside the boobs or outside the boobs, or if you're like me, and limited in the bosom area, straight over the top, risking being mistaken for Bobby Ball or Coco the Clown.  There's also the chance of injury if someone close decided to do some overzealous pinging of them. I never really understood why they were invented - after all, didn't the belt already do the job? 

So back to the diet.  This is always the easy bit for me, once my head, mouth and stomach are singing from the same hymn sheet (this happens once every three years, and there's absolutely no point in starting if the three are not working together). 

I'm not too sure what triggered this perfect alignment this month.  Perhaps the threat of a summer holiday with the husband or the dwindling number of things in my wardrobe which fit.  Who knows?  I'm just glad it has, and it's good to see that something good is coming of it.  However, I have to balance the good with the disadvantages of losing a bit of weight.  Are there any? There sure are...

The clothes which are suddenly wearable again are now no longer fashionable.
You try to sell them on ebay, but no one's interested as they are soooo last year
There is that irritating middle bit where clothes are either too tight or too loose
A belt or vacuum knickers are required at this point (not at the same time though please)
You start looking healthier , so more is expected of you (rather than family being happy to leave you languishing on the sofa, they now expect you to participate in sports and do more dog walks)

But the worst thing?  Well you mustn't go too far.  When you get to my age, you have to make a decision with how much weight loss is enough.  Face or derriere.  Lose too little, and you still have the vast behind,  but lose too much, and a lined, haggard old bag will appear from beneath the exuberant padding of yesteryear.

Ladies....I choose my face...

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