Sunday, 18 December 2016

Something special...

Yesterday we were due to head off to the Salt Mine in Krakow.  As Miss R had been up since 2.00am (this is what happens when you go to bed at 8.00) she was up and at 'em very early, and we trailed down to breakfast about twenty minutes later. 

I was very keen to go to the Cloth Hall, and buy some Polish nick-nacks to take home, so this was our first port of call after breakfast.  Even with the blue sky and brilliant sunshine, it was bloody freezing, and Miss R and I were very pleased to be wearing our reindeer hats, although it was difficult to tell which red nose belonged to the hat or to ourselves on some occasions.   

We stumbled across a stall selling kits, not unlike Airfix, but made of wood, and the husband was desperate to find a motor bike, a completed one of which stood in full mocking glory on top of the display.  Unfortunately, even helping the lady trawl through around fourteen piles, he was unable to find one.  The lower lip was stuck out, and he sulked for at least seven minutes.

So the Salt Mine was a more positive experience for the husband, who must have used the word 'incredible' at least 240 times over the 2km walk.  This is one place that you really should visit if you are in the area, as it shows Polish pride at its very best.  Three hours of walking, and oohing and aahing later, we were back in the taxi. The salt mine had been a very comfortable 16 degrees, which meant that Miss R and I managed to lose the reindeer hats for a couple of hours, but within four minutes of getting out, we were frozen again.  The taxi driver managed to hack all three of us off, by insisting that it wasn't cold at all, and he was lucky we didn't finish him off with the salt cellars Miss R and I had purchased from the gift shop.  When Miss R asked him for the fourth time to turn the heating up, he pointed out that her side was as high as it would go, and he was quite comfortable thank you.  Borrowed time, that one...

So back to the hotel, more layers put on (Miss R and I had so many on, that we were unable to bend our arms at the elbows, so had to rely on the husband for our drinks).  The hats came off after Mulled Wine number two, and around the same time, my legs stopped working.   Someone sensible (this may have been me, but to be honest, after two mulled wines, your guess is as good as mine) suggested that it might be an idea to walk/stagger back to the hotel and have a nap/hot bath before we ventured out again.  So this is what we did, stopping at a shop en route so that Miss R could buy copious amounts of vodka.

The husband had something rather lovely happen to him on the way home.  A young women with a red umbrella approached him (he was walking in front of us, refusing to walk with me and Miss R in our reindeer hats) and asked him if he's like some 'special time' with a couple of beautiful ladies.  I'll be honest with you, I would have liked his reply of, 'No thank you, I have two already,' to have come out a lot more quickly than it did.  There was a definite moment of reflection went on there, and we had to have a little chat with him later in the evening.

Miss R and I were broken women as we arrived back to the hotel.  All I could think of was how many layers of skin I could remove in my boiling hot bath, and Miss R was probably wondering if anyone would notice if she was one bottle short when she got home.

And then we went out again.  A taxi collected us from the door, and a taxi brought us home again.

This meant that Miss R and I could leave off the thermal drawers as befitting a posh meal out...


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