Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Radio radio...

Yesterday saw Miss R and me back on the airwaves of Marlow FM.  In case this means nothing to you (possible), this is the local radio station of Marlow FM, and if you're not local to the area, there is a chance that you may not have heard of it (probable).

Miss R and I help Chris Zaremba, the DJ, present the Christmas show, and I know for a fact that he really looks forward to this every year. Who am I kidding...he even claimed to be ill yesterday in an attempt to keep us away, but we are made of stronger stuff than that, and turned up at the allotted time, with Miss R also bringing along a well developed cold just to add to the mix of the germs in the studio.

For Miss R and me, it's just a chance to talk nonsense for three hours, play our favourite music and eat Christmas goodies.  This time it was stollen, which gave us the perfectly reasonable excuse to roll out our dreadful German accents.  This peaked with the competition which we always have at Christmas, with 'Ve vill ask ze qvestions' being bandied about 'villy-nilly'.

The competition is always a tricky one, as we like to pose questions which are Marlow related. This year we decided to add in a couple of Christmas related ones, with the promise of a bottle of champagne for the person who could answer as many as possible of the three questions posed. After an hour and a half, we had only had one caller, and that was our dad, and he only got two right.  If he'd won the champagne, I would imagine that he would have brought it to Miss R's on Christmas Day, so we were quite happy to let him win.  It was at that point that Chris reminded us of the 'Friends and Family' rule, ie, they can't win anything, so it was back to the drawing board.

Eventually, a lovely chap called Malcolm called in and gave us the answer to the first question.  It wasn't what we had in front of us, but to be honest, he sounded so convincing that we went with his answer.  The second question he got very easily about a singer's name who was born on Christmas Day. (This was helped by Chris playing a record by the lady we were after, and telling the listeners that it was a big clue).  The third question was a tricky one.  We had asked which classic Christmas film was premiered on this day in 1945.  Malcolm naturally gave the right answer.  The trouble was, it wasn't the film I was thinking of.  And why was this?  Well yours truly had relied on the internet to give me the answer which was a big mistake. Malcolm's 'Christmas in Connecticut' sounded just as likely as 'It's a Wonderful Life' (1946, and not 1945 as I thought).

Anyway, time was running out, so we told him he was right on all three and that the champagne was his.  Miss R said she would drop it round after the show, to which Malcolm said he would be out as he was taking his grandchildren to Winter Wonderland for the day.  One thing is for sure.  That champagne will never make it to Christmas. 

I gave it till about ten minutes after the grandchildren have gone home...

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