Friday, 23 December 2016

Listen to the music...

As Alice Cooper used to say... 'School's out'. 

It was my last day at Binland yesterday, and as you can probably guess, not much work was done by anyone.  What with two pots of flapjack (it was Fat Friday, so these are my normal contribution) biscuits, doughnuts and sweets, I think that most of the workforce simply turned up yesterday, ate, got fatter, and then went home again having achieved absolutely naff all. 

Master B and Master P reached new levels of daftness yesterday, and I did ask them whether they had been eating Skittles on the way into work, such were their levels of hysteria.  Master B was hopping from foot to foot, desperate to know whether I knew what presents I was going to get, while Master P spent the first hour at work cursing. I'm too discreet to divulge further, but enough to say the air was blue.

Once Mr W had left the building, Master B decided that it was time to re-educate yours truly about the current music scene.  He put various snippets of 'music' on but to be honest, none of them was what I consider music.  One of the artists sounded like a 45rpm single which was put on at 78rpm.  Master B, if you are reading this, I'll explain when I next see you.  Another one was basically some bloke sitting in his car having a moan. What a 25 year old has to moan about is beyond me, especially one who makes a fortune from whinging in a Ford Escort.

But is was Master P who proved to be the biggest shock. 

'Is it my turn now?' he had asked eagerly, his little rosy cheeks plumped up like a greedy hamster.

Steeling myself for more of the same, I was pleasantly surprised when the gentle tones of Marvin Gaye filled our tiny office. For one moment, I thought he might have been taking the p*ss out of this middle aged bird, but apparently not, as Stevie Wonder and Bill Withers followed.  Who knew that the little whippersnapper was a Soul Boy.  Of course, this all makes sense when you think about it, as most mornings he serenades Master B and me to Lionel Ritchie's 'Hello'.  I always assumed his car radio was stuck to Radio 2, but it would appear that he listens to it out of choice.

But I shall miss them both over the next ten days, so if it gets too much like hard work next week with our four back home, I might head back to work for the day for a bit of peace and quiet, and time away from the oven.

There might even be some morsels of food left over from yesterday's Fat Friday Fiesta.....

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