Saturday, 29 October 2016

We are family...

Son number two returned home from university on Thursday as you know, because he missed home so much.  Well let me tell you how much he missed home...he was here for about forty seven minutes before heading out to see his good friend, the Doctor.

I had gone to bed by the time he returned, but getting up yesterday morning I knew straight away that he was home, as there was a dirty frying pan, a plate and some cutlery abandoned on my worktop.  The neatly piled stack was strategically placed near enough to the dishwasher, without being close enough to be inside the bloody thing.  It's amazing how quickly the student lifestyle can be imprinted onto an impressionable mind.  A small talk might be necessary, swiftly followed by a removal of privileges, such as food, heat and a roof if this behaviour continues.

As you know, I had baked a special Halloween cake this week to take into work yesterday to celebrate my birthday.  Well, this went down incredibly well, and by the time I left at lunchtime, there was only about a third left.  I did toy with the idea of inventing some hard up neighbours who would appreciate a few slices of cake, but reminded myself that if I was to fit in any of the dresses in my wardrobe this coming Christmas, then one slice was definitely enough for me. 

I am hoping that someone in my family has thought about getting me a cake which I haven't made myself.  I remember one year that the husband, whose mind can work in very strange ways sometimes, had a birthday cake made for me in the shape of a ginger guinea pig.  It was almost lifelike, and had a terrible glint in its one eye.  I almost couldn't bear to take the knife to it. 

The husband, on seeing my face when confronted with the cake version of my favourite pet at the time, said, 'Don't you like it?  I thought you liked guinea pigs...'  Well he's right, I do like guinea pigs.  I also like clean sheets and my electric toothbrush, but it doesn't mean I would want a birthday cake shaped like an Oral B Vitality Plus thank you very much.

It makes me very cautious about what I say around this time of the year, as the husband is always looking for clues as to what to buy me as a present.  We all know that just because we like something at 10.00 in the morning, we may not be so keen after lunch, so much thought now goes into what I say and what I don't. 

However, there is one thing that I have wanted for the last three years and to date, he hasn't picked up on the subtle hints I have dropped into conversation.  I have come to the conclusion that as this would involve him coming with me, and he wouldn't want to do that, then he's not going to buy the present.  I could take someone else, but it wouldn't be half as much fun as him shaking his head and tutting under his breath for a couple of hours. Anyway, there's two more days before the big reveal, so I shall be patient and let you know what he got me on Monday.

Miss R called yesterday afternoon for a chat, and the question came up as to what I wanted for my birthday.  Now she and I are as close as close could be, and our taste in sparkly stuff is quite similar.  As her birthday is just a few months before mine, I tend to find myself buying her something which I would also like myself. So the answer was easy, and she's off to the shop to buy this today. We're silly really, as we should just buy different pieces and borrow as required...

So for my birthday weekend, I am looking forward to sharing the days with the friends and family I love.

And those days are the very best ones...
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