Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Watch your step...

It was back to Binland yesterday.  Sitting down at my desk (I use the term loosely, for it is actually a table with no drawers or space for anything more than my keyboard and a phone) I noticed a small cardboard box, neatly balanced on the middle of my keyboard.  I picked it up gingerly, in case some wag had thought about putting a spider in there, but after giving it a shake, I suddenly remembered.  All of my colleagues had been given a pedometer, to encourage us to get moving a bit more. 

Taking it out of the box, I duly clipped it to my trouser waistband and then went on to try and forget all about it.  Completely ignoring it wasn't really an option, as it rattled every time I walked anywhere.  My colleagues were having the same problem, and I was getting a ten second warning of any impending entry into my office thanks to the mediocre craftmanship.  As I said to Mrs P, she certainly wasn't going to be creeping up on anyone wearing it, foolishly hoping that she wouldn't be heard.  Anyway, we are all in teams and the one with the highest amount of steps will win a prize.

Now I walk a lot each day.  The two fur-balls get at least two hours' walk every day, and I wear my FitBit most of the time to get some idea of the distances I am covering.  Of course there are days when I forget to put it on, and these are known as FatBat days, as I tend not to be so disciplined when it's left off.  So yesterday, I was wearing two pedometers.  The more expensive one seems slightly more accurate (the work one had counted up 56 steps while I was talking animatedly on the phone yesterday morning) so I thought it would be interesting to see what they both said towards the end of the day.

Putting my pyjamas on before bed, I peeled both pedometers off my person.  One from the waistband of my trousers, the other, more expensive one from my bra strap.  Putting them side by side, I checked the steps.  Waistband pedometer said that I had done 1298 steps, whereas bra one said that I had walked 12,443 steps.  How could this be so different?  Even when I took into consideration the early morning walk, this still didn't make sense.  I have therefore, come to the conclusion that my boobs move a lot more than my legs do.  Or maybe my heavy asthmatic breathing registers as steps as well.  And what about all that talking I do?  Maybe that counts too.  I'd like to think that I had covered 6.6 miles as per my bra pedometer, but now I am questioning its accuracy.

I thought it might be easier to simply lump the two figures together for the team challenge.  It's that or I get one of the dogs to wear it for the week. 

That worked remarkably well the last time I did it.

And my sister still hasn't forgiven me...

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