Saturday, 1 October 2016

Thieves in the night...

So apparently these days, it's acceptable to get the sponsorship money off the sponsor prior to actually attempting the thing that the sponsor is paying you for...or so I found out this morning, when I headed next door with a grubby £10 note in my hand.  Mrs R's youngest was going to walk ten miles yesterday with the whole school.  I just hope all that money in his trouser pocket doesn't heed his progress at all.

So another work week comes to an end.  If I had to sum up my week in a few words, they would be flapjack, charity shops, and shredding. Thankfully the flapjack (always supplied by me to thank the Transport Office for all they do for me) is always saved for Friday, or Fat Friday as it has lovingly been renamed.  I usually buy this from M&S on a Friday morning, but this week, because I was in there Thursday, I had a sensible thought, and bought it then, thus freeing myself up for 15 minutes this morning to put a load of washing on.

When I popped into the Transport Office with the flapjack and mini chocolate rolls (I like to keep them on their toes) I decided to take a couple back for the boys I work with.  Imagine my horror when the lid came off in my hand, without me having to locate the seal.  Someone had been pinching my flapjack...

So I had two options as to who the thief was.  It was either the husband or daughter number one.  Now I very quickly ruled out daughter number one, as she tends to eat salad and various other healthy items, some of which have never made it into either my trolley or my fridge before she moved in.  The husband on the other hand, had come in late last night rather the worst for wear after his 'exercise' to the pub and back on his bike.  I imagined him seeing the flapjack, struggling to break the seal, eventually resorting to using his teeth to get into the box, and then grabbing a sticky handful of flapjack.

Well after some direct questioning last night when both of the suspects returned from work, it would appear that the salad eating daughter is not as squeaky clean on the healthy food as she makes out.  She had opening the box, dibbed in, and just stuck the lid back on again.

So, dear reader, this is the reason why I shall be reverting to buying my flapjack on a Friday, and taking it straight to work.  Around 12.15 yesterday, just as I was flagging a little, I thought to myself, 'I really fancy a piece of that flapjack'.  Sauntering into the office, I said to the girls that I was just taking one piece to have with my cup of tea.  'You'll be lucky', was the response.  Opening both boxes up, there was one solitary mini chocolate roll and NO FLAPJACK.

So daughter number one, because you nicked it, there wasn't one for me when I really needed it.

You can make your own bloody tea at 6.00am on Monday.

I'm sulking...
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