Tuesday, 4 October 2016

I'm walking...

Well sanity has returned to the house, as quickly as three of the kids disappeared yesterday.  Of course daughter number one is still here, so sanity is never fully restored. 

The husband and I took the two girls out for a late lunch yesterday (boys, if you're reading this and feeling a bit miffed, that will teach you for leaving as soon as politely possible yesterday).  We headed down to a well known café by the river (http://www.waterfrontcafe.co.uk/) and proceeded to work our way through their extensive menu.  Their food is always great, and it was the perfect end to quite a frantic weekend, sitting in the sunshine and letting my belt out another notch. 

Talking about the thickening waistline, I am ramping up the walking with the dogs, and reducing the amount of food I manage to force down my gullet each day.  Aren't you supposed to want to eat less as you get older?  Well someone up there is having a good laugh at my expense, as food seems to be all I can think about, in between the raging sweats and the bouts of bewilderment which seem to take up most of my waking hours.

Talking to daughter number one, who is well educated in food and exercise, it is no longer enough to do an hour on the treadmill and then calculate that you have worked off enough calories for a cream doughnut.  Oh no, it has to be the right kind of calories these days, and apparently these aren't found in cream doughnuts which is a bit depressing.  I sometimes like to look at some foods and break them down into something more satisfactory.  Lets start with that cream doughnut shall we?  When you get right down to it, it's just bread, fruit (raspberry jam) and milk isn't it?  Wine?  Well that's just fruit juice past its sell by date.  The same applies to milk which has been hanging around too long - we call it cheese...

Daughter number one is being very encouraging with my wanting to eat a little more healthily, even making my lunch yesterday.  I was really looking forward to this, and while I was in and out of the fridge yesterday morning, I got quite excited about what it would be.  I was worried that I might forget it as time ticked on before I had to head off to Binland, so I took it out of the fridge and put it on the worktop, balancing a banana on top.

As the lunching hour approached at work, I thought to myself, 'Time for lunch'.  Looking down at my bag, I had an incredible sinking feeling as there was no lunch there.  Where was it?  I'll tell you where it bloody well was.  Still sitting on my kitchen worktop with the banana precariously balanced on top.

I had to wait till I got home before I could eat it.  Because it had been left out all morning, gently sweating in the Autumn sunshine, it wasn't as crisp as it should have been, but it was delicious nevertheless, and a real treat.

Wonder what I've got today......
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