Thursday, 20 October 2016

Hello cold world...

I said to myself on Monday evening that it was only a question of time....and I was right.

Since Monday, I have been surrounded by those of the male persuasion as they have sniffed, coughed, sneezed and spluttered.  All accompanied by deep sighs and general moaning.  I had done everything I could to avoid catching anything from them, even suggesting to Master B (I'm old enough to be his mother) that perhaps opening the window might be a good idea.  Typically, when given advice by someone older than you, he ignored me, so I resorted to leaving the office door open, taking huge gulps of fresh air every time someone opened the front door. 

Mr G, who works in the Depot, looked closed to extinction on Monday, but he has soldiered on, and most generously has passed his germs on to anyone who gest close enough.  There have been occasions when we have had to handle the same piece of paper, and I did think about taking a pair of gloves in to avoid cross contamination, but not wanting to embarrass him decided that frequent and thorough hand washing would protect me.

Son number two, who has come home poorly (it would appear that Fresher's Flu can last longer than Freshers does) is coughing like someone who has had a lifelong romance with Players No.6.  As a doting mum (except at 3.17am when he's doing a passable impression of an irate grizzly bear with a furball) I have bought him many lotions and potions to help him sleep at night.  None of them have worked so far, and I am thinking of having him put down.  He's talking about heading back to university today, and although I'll miss him, I shan't be sorry to see the back of the hacking cough.

Yesterday, if you remember, I went to the sublime Mrs E for lunch yesterday.  Also there were five other lovely friends.  Now us ladies have a lot of history, as our sons all went to school together up to the age of 13.  As we were talking, I happened to mention that I had seen another mum in the supermarket the day before.  And here was when it became apparent how the length of time we have been friends has impacted on our brain cells.  None of us could remember the unfortunate woman's name, nor her son's for that matter. Eighteen hours later, and her name still alludes me.  Ladies, if you are reading this and you've remembered, kindly put me out of my misery.

So, as I was leaving Mrs E's house yesterday afternoon, I felt that first tickle of the throat.  I reckon it will have turned into a full blown cold around Friday at 7.00pm, just in time for the weekend.  Unfortunately, this also means that my lunching friends will also get it a couple of days later, for which I humbly apologise.

I read somewhere that woman-flu is the same as man-flu, the only difference being that no one gives a toss, and I have a feeling that Lemsip and I are going to be on very friendly terms over the next few days. 

But you know, it's not all bad.  What is it they say about starving a fever and feeding a cold?  I'm never sure that I get this the right way round actually. 

Best play safe and follow the Lemsips with cake and cookie chasers....
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