Friday, 7 October 2016

Black is black...

Now that a few more pounds are starting to whittle away from the old waistline, coupled with the change in the weather, I felt that it was about the right time to tackle my wardrobe.  It was time to pack away the summer clothes, making room for the re-instated winter ones.

Pulling the suitcase from under the bed, I opened it up with mild excitement.  I always forget what's in there, so there is always an element of surprise at the big unveiling during October.  Picture my bed at this moment in time if you will.  On the left was a neatly folded pile of bright summer colours, sheer blouses and maxi dresses, smart white trousers, pastel shades, spotty shirts, sandals and flip flops.  In the open suitcase on the bed, it was a different story altogether.  It was black, everything was black.  Surely there must be something in there to liven up my 'fit for a funeral' garb.  Digging deeper in the suitcase, pushing past several black cardigans (one V-neck, one round neck, and one waterfall) and two pairs of leggings, I chanced upon a puddle of grey which turned out to be a favourite sweater.  OK, so underneath this were some navy blue bits and pieces and then, oh joy, maroon (pass me my sunglasses - the colours are blinding me). 

As I hung the clothes up on the hangers, it was really depressing.  It was like someone had switched the lights off in my wardrobe.  I glanced back at the discarded summer clothes.  Perhaps there were a couple of things which could be reintroduced into the bosom of the wardrobe?  White jeans...they went back in.  We all know about 'Winter Whites' don't we girls?  Next to return to the wardrobe was an orange cardigan.  Autumn colour, definitely.  So by the end of the afternoon, I had a half filled suitcase which was pushed under the bed, to be hauled out again sometime in March next year, and crammed rails.

My wardrobe, although predominately on the right of navy blue, had a few splashes of colour.  I can see that artfully draped scarves and bright lipsticks will be needed so that I don't spend the next six months looking like a negative.

Talking about wardrobes, the husband doesn't have the same approach as I do.  Like most men, he has one set of clothes which he wears all year round.  Is he worried about wearing a pale blue short-sleeved linen shirt all year round?  Of course he isn't.  He just puts his favourite sweater over the top (grey of course) and just wears thicker socks. 

As long as he doesn't carry on wearing those dreadful sandals of his (with or without socks) I won't be too worried about what he's wearing.  A little 'steering' might be required on occasions, and there might be times when clothes will need to be 'laid out' for him, but other than that, I'll give him free rein.

Which explains a lot really.....
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