The good, the bad and the ugly...

Waking up in a very quiet house yesterday was slightly unnerving.  The dogs were still asleep, and daughter number one hadn't come home after a Big Night Out.  And of course, there was no TV babble coming from the bedroom of son number two.

Having now come to terms with the fact that my ironing pile will be drastically smaller than it has been in previous weeks, I realised that there are some negatives with not having a teenager in the house.

1.  I'll have to call him if I need to watch something on Netflix.

2. No one here knows what that lead connected to the television is for.  It's just hanging out the back and mocking me, with its 'Come on, take a guess' attitude.

3. I have no excuse whatsoever to buy Rolo puddings - I always blamed the speed they disappeared on son number two, so they will remain off my shopping list for the time being.

4. The husband hasn't got anyone to ask the dreaded question which he often asks when sitting in front of his PC.  'If I want to......'  No good asking me my friend, you're on your own.

5. It's no longer feasible to text asking him to make me a cup of tea.

But on the other hand...

1.  Once I have tidied Armageddon (his bedroom) there's a good chance it will stay like that for some time.

2.  My food bill will halve (Tesco will see a dramatic drop in their profits this coming quarter).  The money saved was not all previously spent on Rolo puddings, I promise.  There was probably some bread in there too, and possibly chips.

3. The husband's socks will remain in his drawer, and not take a short detour to the room down the passage, where they will meet other 'borrowed' socks which were liberated some months before..

4. My shampoo/conditioner/serum/hairspray will all be where I last left them, rather than disappearing into a large pile of detritus in his bedroom while I am at work, only to be found several months later, empty and covered in fluff.

5. There will be glasses in the any time of the day. I will no longer have to brace myself and go into his bedroom looking for one.

6. My opportunities to nag are almost non-existent now.  I may have to think of something to nag the husband about instead. 

Back to son number two then.  I did manage to not call him until Sunday afternoon which I think was quite impressive.  Already he sounds like a student. 

'I'm off to get my Fresher Band, and can I have some money for my gym membership?'

And there was I, thinking I was going to be having a bit more money each week.

Fat chance...


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