Lazy day...

I have asked for a day off work on Friday.  The thing that makes this slightly more special is that it doesn't form part of a holiday away with the husband.  It's not a day dedicated to taking children to look at houses or universities, nor will it be spent at the vets with one or other of out four legged fuzzballs.

This Friday is a day off for me, and me alone.  I have planned this day in my head, and here is how I hope it will pan out.

6.30am The husband will bring me a cup of tea in bed, having walked and fed the dogs
8.00am  I will get up and make myself a leisurely breakfast, which I will eat in the sunshine
9.00am Get changed into shorts (Going to be a scorcher on Friday)
10.00am Sunbathe in the garden
1.00pm Time for a lovely homemade salad, eaten in the sunshine with a freshly made fruit juice
3.00pm More sunbathing
5.00pm A lovely walk with the dogs in the woods
7.00pm  Husband returns, and surprises me with table booked at swanky pub for dinner.

In reality, I think we all know what will really happen...

6.00am Get up, make own cup of tea
6.30am Walk the dogs (husband has implied that as I am not working I can do it instead of him)
7.30am Put first load of washing on
7.45am Eat cold toast while making son number two packed lunch (while he has hot toast and oversees sandwich making)
8.15am Put dishwasher on, tidy kitchen
9.15am Hang out washing
9.24am Put on second load of washing (mainly retrieved from son number two's bedroom floor)
9.27am Get changed into shorts (Still going to be a scorcher on Friday)
10.15am Sit in deckchair
10.17am Loud buzzing heralds end of dishwasher cycle
10.18am Get out of deckchair and unload dishwasher
10.23am Back into deckchair
10.54am Loud buzzing heralds end of second wash
10.55am Try to ignore buzzing, but it is insistent
10.56am Get out of deckchair and hang out second load
11.10am Back into deckchair where I will remain for approximately one hour unmolested by buzzers
12.30pm. Lunch (Lettuce is limp and son number two has eaten all the chicken, so will settle for a bowl of cornflakes and another cup of tea)
1.30pm Walk dogs again as driving me mad
3.00pm Back into deckchair
3.08pm Guilt gets the better of me, so get out of deckchair and set up ironing board
5.00pm Finish ironing and put everyone's clothes away
5.10pm Husband comes home early as a surprise
5.12pm Husband asks what's for dinner....
5.13pm Deep sigh from me
5.14pm Husband says something along the lines of 'what have you been doing all day'

All of a sudden, work is looking rather an attractive alternative on Friday...


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