Stop right there...

I thought that I had kicked migraines into touch.  Just under two years ago, my doctor basically told me that most of my health problems could be addressed with a few changes.  The list of things she gave me to cut out read like this:

Alcohol (Never been a big drinker, so this was easy)
Chinese food (Not so difficult, as Indian food was still on the menu)
Cheese (Never touch the stuff, so that one was a no-brainer)
Chocolate (Ah.....this could be a problem - three bars a day at least.  I'm surprised that Cadbury hadn't approached me at some time about becoming a shareholder)

At the risk of hacking too many of you off at one time, I basically did as she told me.  Two years later, I am thirty pounds lighter and not needing the knee replacement which was being threatened.  I felt much better, and the previously weekly migraines dwindled down to one every two months or so.

But it would seem that even doing the right thing has a shelf life.  Since Mother Nature evicted me from The Useful Woman club, the migraines seem to have started tipping up again, and I have mornings when I sit there desperately trying to work out what I did to deserve this pain.

Yesterday morning was one of those.  Waking up at 4.00am with the equivalent of a herd of bison doing a foxtrot on a polished wood floor in stack heels across my head, I crawled out of bed and went downstairs to pop some pills (the legal kind, before you start wondering).  As I lay on the sofa, waiting for the pills to kick in, I started to question what had brought this on.  This is what I came up with:

Two hours of the BBC Big Band (we were sitting very close to the guy with the flugelhorn)
One single gin and tonic (had two on Saturday with no effect, so took a chance)
Two jelly babies (I would've eaten more, but I managed to kick them over on the floor at the concert; having taken my shoes off, I spent the second half peeling body parts from various toes...nice..)

Menopause?.....mmm...why is it that I always reach for this as a last resort? 

Obviously, Mother Nature on seeing how well I was battling the hotties with my Red Clover, has decided to throw something else at me.  I think that going forward I need to put this up as first suggestion when anything is going wrong, rather than blaming myself (good old Mum Guilt, don't you just love it?)

But looking on the good side (assuming there is one), if the migraines are down to the menopause, then I suppose that means that I can start drinking wine and eating chocolate again, as whatever I have been doing will now make no difference as to whether I get a migraine or not.

I feel a Chow Mein coming on, washed down with several beers, and followed by a family bar of Dairy Milk.  I may even finish with the cheese board.

Just because I can...


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