Sunday, 12 June 2016

Should I stay or should I go now...

We had a big family night out on Friday.  As the offspring have got older, it gets harder and harder to get them all in the same room at once.  We failed yet again on Friday, as son number one had received a better offer (hard to believe really), but we had a couple of extras with us, in the shape of daughter number two's LSB (Long Suffering Boyfriend)  and son number two's best friend who spends so much time here, that I have christened her daughter number three.

The night out was to celebrate the fact the daughter number two and the LSB were heading off to somewhere far, far away (still can't remember where) for a month.  Driving to the pub, the husband, who had left the house in somewhat of a hurry, not wanting to miss getting his favourite table, suddenly realised that he had left his wallet behind.  Now here was a dilemma.  Did he turn round and get the wallet, ensuring no embarrassment at payment time, but risk losing the table, or did we keep going?  We kept going.  He told the children that they would have to pay, and he'd reimburse them later.  To be honest, I'm not sure that this was what they were expecting when they replied to the invitation of a meal out, but never mind.

The food was fabulous as usual (thank you Rising Sun) and as the drinks flowed, conversation turned to more serious topics.  We had already covered Clock Solitaire, ladies who drink from pint glasses (daughter number three...), some place in Asia and bacon nachos (a firm favourite), so it was only a matter of time before politics reared its confused head.  You know, the minute I say 'confused', that I am talking about the EU referendum, which seems to haunt every waking moment of my life at the moment. 

I'm not too sure whose bright idea it was to hand over the responsibility of how we run our country to people like the husband and me....I got thrown out of Politics at A' Level and the husband has a GCSE in Woodwork for goodness sake.  We have had to do some serious investigative work to get any idea of what the hell is going on, and how that could change.  If I'm honest with you, my staying power with regard to politics is short-lived, and when the husband thinks I'm reading something on my laptop courtesy of Boris or David, I'm usually watching those funny cat videos (with the volume muted of course).

But still everybody wants to know, 'Are you In or Out?'  Whatever your answer is, the response is always, 'Why?'    No one seems to have a blooming clue, and maybe that's what the politicians are banking on.  Perhaps we'll all vote in a similar way to 'Pin the Tail on the Donkey', blindfolded and a little bit disorientated.  

But let's face it.

Whether one donkey is in charge of our country or five, we'll still be following them with a shovel...
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