Friday, 13 May 2016


Words from a Bird.  Day 134

I broke from my normal Wednesday evening tradition of cooking fish and losing at cards this week (see 'Up all night' if you need reminding about my giddy social life) and went to the theatre with my sister Miss R (she of the independently working eyes after three glasses of wine), the pole-dancing Mrs W and and the formidable Mrs S (The last of these ladies has yet to feature in any of my blogs which I find rather surprising, as she features in my life a great deal). 

I had managed to track down some tickets to Jackie, The Musical.  For those of you aged between 48-60, you will at this point have glazed over, your mind wandering back to flares, blue eye shadow and skyscraper shoes.  If you are a man (and I know that some of you are) this will be a complete mystery to you.  Let me explain a little. 

Jackie was a magazine which your mother didn't approve of.  In fact, Mrs W's mother refused to buy it for her as she was frightened it would lead her towards a life of debauchery (this happened without the magazine actually).  The magazine's tag line was 'The Best Thing for Girls - Next to Boys', and there would have been tips on how to kiss a boy, a True Life Confession, a quiz (mostly a's? - You are infatuated.  Spend more time with your friends) and the infamous Cathy and Claire problem page (These were all made up and probably answered by some heavily bearded bloke called Eric rather than the maternal Cathy and Claire).

So the show itself was filled with 70's classics.  David Cassidy, Donny Osmond, David Essex and Tina Charles. The audience itself was filled with 50 and 60 year old classics, all female apart from the odd (definitely odd) male here and there.  My posse were slightly perturbed by the two paramedics who were sitting at the end of our row.  I would have thought that a Tena representative would be more in keeping what with all the dancing and laughing, but hey ho...

The show was fantastic, the dancing wild and the clothes terrifying.  As the youngest of my little gang, Mrs S wanted to know if I ever wore clothes like those on the stage.  If I remember rightly, smocking featured quite prominently in my rather limited wardrobe.  You may be surprised to learn that my wardrobe was meagre in those days.  This wasn't down to money or lack of desire for the latest fashion.  Oh no..

You see, when one item of clothing is created out of 10 square meters of polyester and nylon, there is only so much you can hang in your wardrobe.  Start cramming it all in there, and all of a sudden you're looking at a fire hazard.

Mrs S and I decided in car on the way home that the show had everything you'd want.  It was mad, sad, entertaining, loud, joyous and funny.

Much like my wardrobe in the 70's....
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