Saturday, 9 April 2016

More than words...

Words from a Bird.  Day 100

Well I'll be honest with you, I never in a million Sundays thought that I would get to this day.  Today is my centenary, one hundred posts, 42,866 words (before you start thinking how sad it is that I have counted each day's words, this is an average figure based on randomly picked offerings - those Maths lessons came in handy after all) and almost three hundred devoted readers (how I love you!)

When I wrote my first Words from a Bird on January 1, it was with some trepidation that I pressed the 'Publish' button.  It's a brave thing laying yourself bare for all to see (not literally, I do keep my vest on).  After all, in theory, you can only write about what you know, so that opens you up to all sorts of questions and reactions, especially from your children.  The most frequent ones over the last three months have been along the lines of:

'Are you sure we're not adopted?' 
'Did you really have to tell everyone that?'
'How easy is it to change your name by Deed Poll?'
'I hate you'
'Did Dad and you really do that?'

Well, no you're not, yes I did, not very, no you don't and yes, sometimes we do....

Secretly though, I think they are quite proud of me, as is the husband, who tends to ask me very quietly each evening as to whether he is going to feature that day.  You see, any attention, whether good or bad, is still attention.  I'm not too sure whether I am confusing this with the treatment of the dogs and children, but no matter...

My wonderful family and friends, who have stuck with me from the start, nag me if I'm late publishing that day's post, thank me if I make them smile, and hug me if I have made them cry.  Luckily the laughter is more frequent than the tears, but I like to keep you all on your toes.

So here's to the next one hundred days.  May they be filled with lunacy, love and mugs of tea.

Oh, and about 428.66 words of piffle to make you smile...
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