Monday, 4 April 2016

Man, I feel like a woman...

Words from a Bird.  Day 95

There was a bit of a swap round at our house today.  Daughter number 2's boyfriend headed home, as his parents had forgotten what he looked like.  He's been here so long, that he has been added to the electoral roll in Oxfordshire, and his post has been redirected.

He returned home just as son number 2 came back for a week's holiday here.  Now as far as I am concerned, every day is a bloody holiday in this house for my children.  The only difference between staying here or in a hotel is that fact that I don't charge them.  Never fear, I have a little book with a running total of all charges incurred to date.  It makes interesting reading, and when the husband and I are ready to head off to our nursing home, we will be calling in all monies due...

So daughter number 1, who as a teacher, is also on holiday, asked son number 1 what he had planned for his 'week off'.  Well, his response triggered quite a reaction from yours truly.  Apparently, and I quote, this is what he has planned...

' loads, go to the gym, walk the dogs, be a housewife etc'...

You can see where this is heading can't you? 

I announced this afternoon that my roast dinner this evening would be the last meal I would prepare this week, as son number 1 would be taking over from tomorrow morning.  I have also been practising vital questions and excuses while he is in charge....

'What time's dinner?'
'Where are my jeans?'
'What's for dinner?'
'Have you seen my trainers?' (I don't possess exercise attire of any sort, so will have to think of something else to ask for).
'Are my jeans clean?'
'What's for lunch?'
'Are my jeans ironed?'
'Do we have pesto?'
'What's for breakfast?'
'Where did you put my jeans when you'd ironed them?'
'I can't walk the dogs, I have a bad leg/rugby injury/hangover'.

I am going to milk this for all it's worth this week....

By the way, daughter number 2's boyfriend arrived home safely.  I was relieved, as I thought he might have forgotten where he lived.

If everything goes to plan this week, I may have a similar problem...
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